1. Cyberbison

    Voicebank Sami Vuori

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item SAMI VUORI. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Sami Vuori

    Sami Vuori

    Personality: Sami Vuori is a mysterious lone wolf in a Nordic Noir world. A sigma male who needs no one, but deep down inside he's just really insecure and lonely. He sings karaoke and dreams of being a singer in a band. Family: Parents live in Sweden Item: Cigarettes / harness Sexuality...
  3. Leekyung_v4.0


    Lee Kyung, created by StrikerMEE, Published on February 23 2021. Not a ton of information on the UTAUloid because there is not that much to talk about. _________________________________________ Lee Kyung was Published with the Version "V4" in only CV for now until Lee Kyung V6, There will...
  4. Spica


  5. KokoUTAU

    New to Utaforms~

    Hello guys .u. My youtube is Koko Melody My UTAU is Koko~ light airy voice. CV CVC AAAANNND CVC MULTIPITCH (KOKO [ENLIGHTEN] WILL BE COMING OUT SOON <3 currently in the process of being Oto'd! Can't wait! she'll have her very first original. please follow my youtube to keep tabs! in...
  6. Haiiro Kaminari

    Haiiro Kaminari

    ------ Character item: Yellow scythe Appearance: wears a moving-ear pull-down grey wolf hat almost everywhere (unless she feels the need to take it off). has long, straight, waist-length dark grey hair, and wears a purple sweater with ebony stripes, along with dark blue ripped jeans. wears a...
  7. Masago Miura

    Masago Miura

    Vikura, real name Masago, was raised by her uncle most of her life, who showed her many metal bands and influenced her music taste. Masago never particularly excelled in school, struggling from dyslexia and other learning disabilities. With her uncle's help, she managed to graduate with a high...
  8. Markko

    Single Reclist Albanian CV Reclist 2020-10-26

    This reclist has 246 recordings. Pronunciation: a = the first vowel in the diphthong represented by i in the word "light" /a/ c = ts like in "mats" /t͡s/ ch = the ch in "chocolate" /t͡ʃ/ dh = the th in "this" /ð/ e = the first vowel in the diphthong represented by a in the word "late", or the e...
  9. Fuzake Saka V.2

    Fuzake Saka V.2

    Item: a Cotton Candy Personality: Extrovert, energetic and kinda childish Relations: Kagamine Rin and Len (Idol crushs) and Hatsune Miku (Idol) Fuzake (Fuzaketa/ふざけた) - Playful Saka (Sakasu/サーカス) - Circus
  10. Fuzake Saka V.1

    Fuzake Saka V.1

    Item: a Cotton Candy Personality: Extrovert, energetic and kinda childish Relations: Kagamine Len (Idol crush) and Hatsune Miku (Idol) Fuzake (Fuzaketa/ふざけた) - Playful Saka (Sakasu/サーカス) - Circus
  11. kam0109

    Can someone tell me how to properly record a CV and a VCV voicebank?

    I record my samples in Oremo with a condenser microphone, but when I import the voicebank in UTAU there's always this very nasally robotic engine sound on certain words (mostly "ra" and "na"). I tried fixing it by making the largest space possible between the consonant and the cutoff, I even...

    Any good strong/screaming English voicebanks out there?

    I've seen some stronger voicebanks but I'm really trying to find a shouting/screamo-style UTAU that I can work with, cv/cvvc/vccv/anything will do. English preferred, again.
  13. Hayate Ame

    Hayate Ame

    Hayate Ame is a part doll, part human UTAU! His body from the neck down is artificial due to a vague accident that he often over exaggerates. He's a bit childish, usually disconnecting his head to scare people, or play soccer with.
  14. Big_B

    Critique Requested New Test - Kye singing Rolling Girl (Unfinished)

    Hewoo! How are ya doing? I hope well bc today I'm feeling wonderful! ^u^ This conver was hard to do, I won't lie to yall guys. I don't finished it yet, I still have a lot of polishment, adding expression to the song and finish the "Mou Ikkai 1 and 2" parts. But I have a preview and I'll be very...
  15. Lycoris Grey

    Lycoris Grey

    Name Origin: Lycoris is a Greek word that means "Twilight." Put together with Grey, their name means Twilight Grey or Grey Twilight. Species: Demon Image Colors: Red, Purple, Aqua, Black Abilities: Weather manipulation, summoning lesser demons, sound manipulation Hobbies: Playing piano, reading...
  16. Dionysus Frost

    Lance Lazor 4.0

    Lance Lazor is a Gajin CV voicebank! His vocal range is around c3 - f4 He is an alto but can be tuned pretty high for most songs! Lance is genderfluid and goes by he/him, they.them, she/hers pronouns in that order. Lance's CV bank is pretty easy to use and understand and he's currently planned...
  17. Uncommon-Aura

    Open Cheap OTO/Art/Mixing Commissions! Versed In Many VB Types

    EDIT: These are no longer emergency commissions, so this post has been updated as such! I'm now doing these commissions just to help people out and earn some extra hobby money. A few voicebank/reclist types have been removed, due to how complex and time-consuming they are to configure. There are...
  18. Rubeeish

    Hiroki And Ai Ayane

    *Note their personality is up to users
  19. Kyle Furude

    Kilios Furude Psychogram+Voicebank

  20. Mijuku


    Mijuku is your average soft hearted Yankee. A heart of gold, a head full of bricks, and a body full of muscle. He has no shame, and can be a bit of a Chuuni when he talks about being a hero.