1. SuperStarXD

    Voicebank Deci Mal

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  2. Deci Mal

    Deci Mal

    Deci is generally loud and obnoxious, to the point of being annoying for some and charismatic for others. While she is often perceived as a tomboy, she will not hesitate to dress up as a pink princess. She might also have a streak for mischief, as evidence has recently surfaced that she let...
  3. asfgsgdfhdf

    Help finding a certain utau

    sorry if this is the wrong category ^^ before i reset (factory reset) my laptop, i had a certain utauloid vb that i liked a lot i dont remember too much but -she- had white hair and blue eyes, i think the theme was snow? maybe a bit of angel stuff too? not too sure but the color palette was...
  4. Diongoespew!

    Resource [LATIN CV BREATH]

    This is my first time making a reclist! Sorry if it's off or anything! I just really love latin and wanted this. Lance is still in production but here we go! [Mirrored from my Deviantart] I call this the "element reclist system] a series of expeiremental reclists for lesser known and some off...
  5. N

    Very stuck on how to use both UTAU and OpenUtau

    As the title says I'm pretty stumped. On UTAU I can navigate it fine, use plugins and such, however when it comes to using English CV I'm so lost. I have a masterlist saved but they only show a handful of sounds, I don't know how to make even basic words within the software and struggle to find...
  6. Bepis_Boii

    Utau Synth not playing notes?

    I’m very new to Utau Synth (and Utau in general) and currently making my first CV voicebank from scratch on my MacBook. I got my voice samples done in Adobe Audition but when I try putting them into voice configurations in order to add and edit them, I find that no sound plays when I try to test...
  7. Nene Tsuka

    Nene Tsuka

    Nene is learning human things while someone is helping her at the college. She's a non binary that came from the moon.She likes to eat pudding. Her gender is nonbinary Pronounce She/They/Them She have a brother that's one year younger than them. Nene's brother name is Aoi.
  8. Axel☆

    I can oto your CV voicebanks!

    I'm mainly doing this to get some practice in (I don't have anything to do with my life), but I can oto ur voicebanks and add aliases to them (Hirigana, Kana, Romaji) ! FYI, I can't oto vb's that aren't Japanese
  9. Axel☆

    Voicebank Kokoro Seta ・ココロセタ

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  10. Axel☆

    Kokoro Seta ・ココロセタ

  11. E

    How To Make CV Sound More Smooth?

    I'm making a new voicebank that's sort of a "love letter" to my current UTAU's first voicebank. So it's CV ENG/JPN. I've heard some really smooth CV banks lately, but am unsure how to get my own sounding that good. Any tips? Does it all lay in how I oto it, or is there a tuning secret to make CV...
  12. Lyrexios Creator Guardian

    Voicebank Lucas Ryū-en

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  13. Lucas Ryū-en

    Lucas Ryū-en

    Lucas Ryū-en was first a fan UTAU loid drawn in the beginning of 2020 with the intention of being an other Dutch UTAU on the field. However to stay true and get the hang of the UTAU program he is first given a CV voicebank. A Dutch and English voice bank is in the make and are being worked on...
  14. Lyrexios Creator Guardian

    Rolling Girl UTAU cover | LUCAS RYU-EN CV

    I am new to this so hoping I post it right... (2020 post story) I'm aware of this being trash.....Yes the animation is lazy....and yes the CV sounds like a can yeeted into a trash pile of shame...BUT..hear me out.. The main reason I spend 4 days now animating/ editng/ making the video
  15. Biggity_Boy

    Voicebank Doreiku Ocharakeru

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  16. Biggity_Boy

    Doreiku Ocharakeru

    Favorite Color: Gray Eyes: Gray Clothes: Main- He wears a tux with a black bowtie, black dress pants, and dress shoes. Alt- He wears gray sweats and a gray hoodie. Personality: You can use him however you want. Note- There is not enough info about him but here are some. - He struggles to make...
  17. Gardanana

    Voicebank Nishiren Gard CV

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  18. Nishiren Gard CV

    Nishiren Gard CV

    Nishiren is laid back and likes to do things at their own pace. They tend to be quieter around strangers and have a serious-looking resting face, but they emote a lot more when singing. They're almost always seen wearing their headphones, be it on their head or around their neck. Tends to fidget...
  19. FayKamaxo

    Voicebank Fuzake Saka V.3

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  20. Fuzake Saka V.3

    Fuzake Saka V.3

    Item: a Cotton Candy Personality: Extrovert, energetic and kinda childish Relations: Kagamine Rin and Len (Idol crush) and Hatsune Miku (Idol) Fuzake (Fuzaketa/ふざけた) - Playful Saka (Sakasu/サーカス) - Circus