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  1. FelineWasteland

    Single Reclist oto.ini OREMO Recording Package Salem-style English CVVC v1.1.0

    Link includes reclists, base otos, presamp templates, and a detailed tutorial for making and using S-CVVC voicebanks. Demonstrations: Introduction Salem-Style English CVVC, or Salem CVVC / S-CVVC for short, is not a single reclist, but rather a method and style guide for English DIY vocal...
  2. GraySlate

    Voicebank Roselle

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Roselle. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Roselle


    Roselle was once a prominent mafia leader in Circle 7 of Hell, Violence. Under her rule, organized crime was kept clean and Circle 7 operated in a state of controlled chaos. A rival family rose to power in Circle 7 and almost immediately took to causing trouble. Tensions flared between...
  4. GraySlate

    Single Reclist oto.ini OREMO Recording Package GrayGlish 1.0 Reclist Package 1.0

    GrayGlish is a custom English reclist. All filenames and aliases are in X-Sampa. Resource package includes: GrayGlish Development Guide PDF Full GrayGlish reclist Full OREMO GrayGlish reclist X-Sampa phoneme pronunciation guide Full base oto Full suffixed base oto Sample recording examples...
  5. W

    What’s the meaning of the space between the vowel and consonant in V C oto aliasing? + Question about plosive VC oto (English CVVC)

    So I’ve been trying to make a CVVC English bank, and I’ve noticed that VC otos are all aliased like “V C” instead of “VC”. Does this have any particular meaning? Also, when otoing certain plosives like “b” or “g”, according to Delta I should oto them in a unique way so as to not encompass the...
  6. W

    Open Can someone help oto my Jinriki CVVC Voicebank?

    So ask have recently said in another thread, I recently gathered, after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, (almost all of my sound samples for a Jinriki UTAU! So all I have to do now is oto it, maybe replace some samples; but I have so little time left in break and have so much else to do. Can...
  7. Paris Carlisle

    Paris Carlisle

    Paris was constructed by a company in the 1950s to be a butler robot. He was set up to be advertised as a perfect mechanical servant, programmed with a pleasant, calm demeanor and motherly tone. However, Paris was the only prototype to be made, as the company ran into problems getting...
  8. Lewis Wendelken

    Lewis Wendelken

    Lewis was constructed in the 1950s by an engineer working for Wendelken Enterprises. When he was shown to the CEO, he was amazed at the craftmanship and made him the mascot of the company. Lewis took the company's name as his surname and assumed the position of the mascot. Wendelken Enterprises...
  9. Mougeki Mero

    [UTAU Cover] Hooked On (Sugarfall) [ft. Mikene Kotaro English]

  10. socialgutbrain777

    Unpopular Opinion: CVVC>VCCV

    DISCLAIMER Don't read this thread if y'all don't like unpopular opinions. Nuff said. --- Hi. My name's Oakley, and this is my first post on these forums. Now, if you read the title, I'm more of an old school person. Heck, I even listen to Cab Calloway and Frank Sinatra. I'm so old school, I...
  11. Yukimura Seiya

    Yukimura Seiya

    Seiya never wanted to be this way. He was just a young man when it happened- Thirteen at best. Wanting to erase a recent loss, he fled to a large city by the light of a full moon. On that night, he was approached by a strange woman who offered him exactly what he needed, but for a price. He'd...
  12. delphic


    PLEASE, CHECK THIS LINK FOR A BETTER QUALITY. I HAD TO RUIN THE TRACK QUALITY ON SOUNDCLOUD DUE TO COPYRIGHT ISSUES. - - - Finally I can post this cover! I've done this cover weeks ago and...
  13. ◉EYERIS◉

    【カゼヒキ -English-】Night'n'NIGHT【UTAUカバー】

    //description V// Original - NJK Record minor tuning edits - me UST - yuunarii mix by @Kale
  14. Dangosan

    presamp.ini optimized for Standard voicebanks 2016-08-26

    A base presamp.ini for CVVC English voicebanks using the Standard CVVC phonetic system instead of X-SAMPA. The presamp.ini of Teto was referenced in the creation of this configuration file.
  15. idol


    So, a while ago someone was wanting to make my utau a cvvc and was going to make the oto for me but they bailed OTL so now i just need someone to oto for me, i have all sounds recorded i think it's Ritsu eves cvvc please save me............................
  16. unknownLinguist

    Hi, I'm UL!

    Hello, I'm UL; unknownlinguist on tumblr & twitter as well. I'm trying to make (comically) lite english banks and HEY! It happens to sound p good..for an hour of recording.. Sample of my utau Spectra(Note that this a bit outdated): I've been using UTAU for a couple years now, I think I...
  17. JAY

    English Voicebank Discussion / Reclist Opinions?

    Damn Jay, back at it again with the shitty forum threads... Anyway hey guys! I wanted to ask you guys your opinions on different English UTAU styles and your thoughts on UTAU English overall! That being said, this is my thought on UTAU English. I personally am not a huge fan of voice synth...
  18. Kevinp9568

    【UTAU Interactive PV】Game Over / Crystalline / Ta fête / Period / Null 【Kevin Futarine STUDIO】

    Credits are in the video as well as the voicebnaks download links.

    Hands - Kikyuune Aiko Rockloud ENG

    I know I posted a thread on here about another cover I completed a few hours ago, but I've made another one that I am pretty happy with!