1. Ndō

    I made a utau server, everyone is welcomed

    https://discord.gg/FUQFZVtU I would like to interact more with the utau community, feel free to join!
  2. RoboCheatsyTM

    TEIniac Land Discord Server

    Hi~ I noticed we had this neat little section and wanted to promote my own server here! We're a very friendly Sukone Tei-centric server, and we'd love to have some new members! We've got fun bot channels, and lots of channels for you to share stuff you've made!! Link inside the spoiler~
  3. Axiomatic-Vertex

    real vibe hours server

    join my server and post memes as well as discuss interesting stuff I have strict rules in this server, you break any of them you will die https://discord.gg/DgCXHnW
  4. Irinta

    Utau RP Discord

    I’m not really sure if people still RP with their utauloids anymore ^^; but would anyone be interested in a server to do so? I’m just hoping for a small group of friends to RP and create OC interactions with and maybe share art and covers with! If anyone replies I’ll make the server and post the...
  5. Reson Lore

    The Underground: A Server For UTAU Users

    Hey there! I help run a community on Discord called The Underground, a server for UTAU users to get together and help each other out! We also have a verification system to minimise spam messages! We encourage the use of any and all vocal synths, so no matter what you make, you're welcome to...
  6. tomatetoro

    Discord Server !

    I've created a server for anyone who wants to casually chat and make new friends, majority of the people in here are those familiar with UTAU and we have channels for UTAU/Vocaloid as well as many other topics. Please feel free to join ! We are all about supporting eachother's vocalsynth...
  7. Avalia-Kasa

    Your favorite UTAU Discord groups?

    Hey! I'm enjoying the discords I'm currently on, but I did leave one for personal reasons so I want to know what all of your favorite discords are now. I want to see more active sides of the community Currently my favorites are a very small one I started for a little friend group of mine that I...