1. feelingiconiic

    UTSU "VOCALOID" Custom Color Scheme

    Just a custom color scheme for UTSU. Nothing special, just mimics the old VOCALOID2~4 software interfaces. To install this, launch UTSU, go to preferences under the "File" tab, and go to color scheme. Then, go to the gear icon and click import. Select the .txt file and click apply. Then you're...
  2. Shadowespio

    How do I download Munou Seiken?

    Every time I go to Munou Seiken's page all his voicebanks ask me to enter a code to download. Is there one universal password, or does he cost money? I can't find any details, really, as it seems not too many people use him from what I can tell. Does anyone have any idea about what's happening...
  3. Y

    Can't download kuzutokaze UTAU

    So I just got a new pc and wanted to download the voicebanks I previously had, but for some reason I can't download any of the kuzutokaze UTAU (Gekiyaku, Kazehiki, Yone Kuzuda etc.). On their character page I click on the name and it leads me to I tried to...
  4. GeneralNuisance

    Does anyone know where I can find Gekiyaku's English VB?

    I've been looking at her website for about half an hour trying to find it. Does anyone know where it went?
  5. Randomness

    Help Downloading Sekka Yufu?

    I for some reason haven't been able to download Sekka Yufu's voicebank from her official website, whenever I try to download the voice bank it opens up and says the page is currently unavailable. If anyone could help me download her voice bank that would be very much appreciated. :)
  6. Katie-Chae

    【UTAUカバー】Tamako Market OP Dramatic Market Ride【GRIMM】 +UST

  7. selbooz

    I can't download TETO (I tried English and Diphone-only[V-CV])

    Hi, as the title says, I can't download TETO's English and Diphone-only voiebanks. Stuff to note: My system locale is in Japan. I can use Defoko just fine. When I look in TETO's voicebank folders, they're in mojibake. I've been trying the "drag and drop zip file" method and it didn't work...
  8. Mikael the War Cougar

    Akarui Hikari

    So here's the problem: I cannot download Yusukekira's "Akarui Hikari" voicebank. Some time ago, I clicked the download button on MediaFire, and I got an error message saying that the page cannot be reached. A month ago, there wasn't even a download button, just a page that tells me that the...
  9. Kyle Furude

    Kilios Furude Psychogram+Voicebank

  10. HoodyP2

    【Yuutsukoe Karasu & Taigen Shiki】Star (スター) 【UTAU Cover/カバー】(+ UST and Inst Download)

    Hello there, I'm back! So I finally made a cover on one of my favourite movies that I've recently watched and released it on YouTube and SoundCloud... Please enjoy :) (MP3, UST and inst downloads are in the description of the video!)
  11. cubialpha

    Seeking help from Chinese users: Files hosted on BaiduCloud

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for someone to help me grab a file from bilibili/baidu cloud. As an American, I'm unable to make an account (it will deny verification by any US phone numbers). I'm trying to download the off-vocal for this song ( The author...
  12. InochiPM

    UTAU Starter Pack -Overseas Edition-

    Hello everyone! Here's where im gonna post about the UTAU Starter Pack -OS- Edtion. In this book youll find an amalgamation of information collected from all across the UTAU OS community, as well as a few translated straight from the UTAUSP & UTAUPM books which this book is designed to be a...
  13. J

    What Happened to Bowl Roll?

    Whenever I try to access a link to any bowl roll download, it says the page is not available. Whenever I try to access the site directly, the downloads won't load at all. What happened to the website? Are the downloads gone for good?
  14. Mougeki Mero

    [UTAU Cover] Piece of Me (ft. Yorume Mimi English) + UST

  15. gemiborn

    i cant find a romaji yokune ruko vb download :(

    alright i just made this account so im sorry in advance if im doing anything wrong or posting this in the wrong place and all i desperately need help finding a romaji ruko vb download lol. im very new to utau as a whole so i dont know of any websites specifically for utau or with big utau...
  16. RosyKitteh

    Pinko Stick Luv UST & VSQx Download

    Look below for download links. I couldn't find a Pinko Stick Luv UST anywhere. I was really surprised since it is such a popular song. I made my own. Even though it's not very good, please consider using it. I also made a VSQx version, which I've updated recently. Download the UST Google...
  17. PanTran

    why do people discontinue their UTAU?

    When people remove their UTAU from the internet, delete all the downloads, and take down all the covers they made... why? I want to understand, but I can't. Even if they are done with the community/UTAU, surely there's no harm in simply leaving that stuff up for people? For example...
  18. Murphi


  19. Sync_Ye

    Moresampler 0.8.4 Download

    Well the moresampler site is out of the air and apparently kanru no longer has the files, so I asked for permission to create a moresampler 0.8.4 mirror so that it is easier to find it and here is the download link: Dl...
  20. T

    Ted Kasane voicebank?

    I've been searching for his voicebank but I can't find it. I found a link but it doesn't seem to load. Does anyone have a download to it? Thanks!