1. cloudyyskie

    "Engrishing" Phoneme tips & tricks

    Hi all! I'm doing a cover of AUDIT by Weevildoing with Kagamine Rin Warm/English/Power, and since the song is in English and I'm only usin Rin's English voicebank for a small portion of the song, I've been doing a lot of engrishing with her lolol. I wanted to share some tips and tricks I've...
  2. Diongoespew!

    Challenger Acsepted Lance Lazor!

    Before you ask there will be a post about this on teh forum later. Hi anyways, my name is Oron Snowflake aka Dioynsus elric red yuki. Aka lance's regular voicer. She has a really hard to use bank right now. It's expieremental its a butchered version of someone v german bank i lost it years ago...
  3. pepsieatersupreme

    【UTAU ENGRISH】Don't Come Back Here[吉田はな]

    i havent posted in a while, so heres a UST i made that im proud of!
  4. socialgutbrain777


    Tried making engrish with Teto. She's surprisingly understandable!
  5. popee


    I'm wondering if anyone here is able to make a UST for "Fly Me to the Moon" that would work for a Japanese CV Bank ? I wanted to make a cover for my friend so this would be appreciated! And as for something in return, if you have an utau that you want me to use for a cover, send them my why...
  6. Ant0n

    【Una Otomachi】Poor Little Ripper Boy【Vocaloid Engrish】

    Hope this Engrish is bearable Credits: Music & Lyrics: Pianobench (RorunaK) Art : Crusher-P Video: Giraffey Vsqx : RorunaK
  7. Mougeki Mero

    [UTAU Engrish Cover] ...Baby One More Time (ft. Blair, piggy and Dill) +UST

    enjoy c:
  8. Mougeki Mero

    [UTAU Engrish Cover] Oops!... I did it again. (ft. Blair, piggy and Dill) +UST

  9. Mougeki Mero

    [UTAU Engrish Cover] "Oops!...I did it again" ft. Akune Kin

    Will post this here too to guarantee: DISCLAIMER I'm not the owner of the lyrics, music, etc. All rights reserved to their respective owners. This cover is not meant to infringe any of the copyrights. This is for entertainment, edcuational, criticism and fun purposes. COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER...
  10. K

    UST Biohazard 2016-10-02

    Tuning is by me. English is custom/VCV theory so you'll have to edit it to fit the VB you choose if you want to use that UST. Unfortunately the English UST doesn't have full harmonies like the Engrish one does. Sorry if the harmonies aren't the same as the original song. Engrish UST is JP VCV.
  11. Miawerz

    critique my engrish tuning skills, please :3

    so what do you think? Is it at least passable lol xD (I'm still a noob) I somehow cheated tho cuz I recorded extra samples like rolling r's and l's but still in vcv format hoping that anyone would give me tips on tuning and making engrish smoother(?)
  12. Galatea Laitselec

    Galatea Laitselec

    Galatea was born to a neglectful mother. At age 14 she met her paternal half sister Cipe- a princess from an alternate dimension known as Emos Nital Drow, who was sent to find Galatea and explain that the two are sisters and that Galatea is a princess. Sounds like a convoluted soap opera plot...