1. YURIalterΞgø

    [ Hiraya ] "Huwag Kang Mangamba" opening theme [UTAUカバー]

    Just wanna share my latest work here and Mabuhay to any fellow Filipinos who get to see this!! >w<
  2. YURIalterΞgø

    Critique Requested Panalo (hook)

    mabuhay from the Philippines!! ✨
  3. YURIalterΞgø

    Eyyo wazzup! How are y'all doing ✨

    Heya!! I'm Yuri and I'm not new when it comes to songs that used vocal synths like Utau, but I recently started using it myself and it's so much fun learning! Hope to meet awesome people here and maybe work with in the future! Hope we get along <3 Here's some works I recently did, not the best...
  4. ryanlanuza18

    【Ryan Moriyama Voice+ Solace】僕のサイノウ/My Talent (RIP Wowaka)【UTAU Cover】

    a little something for our fallen Vocaloid-P UwU RIP Wowaka tbh, wowaka was one of the reasons why I am in this fandom right now. i got hooked and i still am today, My favorite was his pre-hitorie day. its really sad that he died at the young age. rest in peace.
  5. ryanlanuza18

    【Ryan Moriyama Voice+ -PH-】Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig (In the Name of Love) 【UTAU Cover】

    Hello there! its been a while! I have released my Filipino reclist! if you want to try it, the link is on the description :D
  6. Sync_Ye

    Critique Requested Okay, I tried again:【Ye Project】Biyahe - Cover 【Filipino】

    after my last attempt still with this voice bank in its alpha version I decided to correct the errors and add more phonemes and some exclusive to use this language, thanks to everyone who gave me tips, especially rmL
  7. Yanderu

    Trilingual VCV?

    'Ello there! I was wondering if anybody would like to beta test a reclist for me one I'm done writing it. It's a VCV-VC reclist for Tagalog, Spanish, and Japanese. However, this reclist may be longer due to the recording of the VC[CC]-C[CC]V's and some other parts. Would you guys like a reclist...
  8. ryanlanuza18

    Ryan Moriyama 2017 VB Demo

    Hi guys! its been such a long time since i've posted something here! anyways, here are the demos for my Upcoming Voicebank to be release this December(T.B.A.) What do you think about them? enjoy the demos! now i need to get back to my review~ kasjdakd //runs Voice+ SOLACE (Natural) Voice+...
  9. kimchi-tan

    Tagalog Pronunciation Guide

    *Although I've lived in the Philippines all my life and am Filipino, I'm more fluent in English than Tagalog so I may make some mistakes. Also, this covers the NCR (National Capital Region; where Manila is) accent since some pronunciations are different for other parts of the country. Please...
  10. kimchi-tan

    I need to interview fellow Filipinos and Chinese

    This is for a project at school! (I'm Chinese-Filipino btw) It is due at the end of August, so I won't be accepting any interviewees after then. If you are Filipino, you have to be living in the Philippines. If you are Chinese, you may be either from China or overseas (moved abroad or born and...
  11. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey Rickas

    Not much to say, since backstories don't really affect the overall VB... Let's just say that he's a generic boy who lives in a generic city as a generic human student who goes in generic schools. He also dyed some streaks of his hair just for the sake of cosplay.
  12. ryanlanuza18

    【UTAU English】Anaconda【Ryan Minaj(Moriyama)】

    I:m so done with myself song: Anaconda original: Nicki Minaj Vocals: Ryan Moriyama EXP Voice+ EN ADULT Vsqx: Horizons-P UST & Mix: Ryan-Kun
  13. Ryan Moriyama

    Ryan Moriyama

    his personality will depend on the users/fans favorite food: sundae character item: spear of destiny