1. jasmin00

    Critique Requested UTAU 7th Anniversary cover : Aino Erufu

    It is my UTAU's Aino Erufu's seventh anniversary! Happy birthday to my elf daughter, I love you sososo much and you're so important to me <3 you've helped me to go through so much ever since I was 12 ;; I'd also love to get some feedback of the cover ;v; I tried to tune it fully by myself this...
  2. Joel Ryuusei

    Joel Ryuusei

    A singing space mechanic, an astronomical babe. Joel left his earthly life (and plants) behind to find peace in space. He has his skeletons in the closet, but works hard to become a better man. He works as a mechanic on a satellite which requires maintenance due to cheap electronic parts...
  3. Cyberbison

    A quick hello! (+Newcomer VB demo!)

    Hello, y'all!!! It's Cyberbison, 23 yr old dude from Finland! I've been.... almost in the scene for ten years and finally decided to create my own VB not sure why I haven't done it before, haha! Finnish is my first language, learning Japanese (pronouncing is very similar to Finnish!), my...
  4. jasmin00

    I released a NIAONiao voicebank

    Voicebank download : I'm not very good at using NIAONiao yet but this was my first attempt haha :')
  5. jasmin00


    BETA download : I can't believe it that my baby just turned 4....aaAAA-- I'd love to get some feedback of her newest voicebank <3
  6. jasmin00


    Hi all ;v; I recorded an Arpasing voicebank for my UTAU Kiki Sagawa : BETA Download : Download here Kiki may have a Finnish accent due to me being Finnish haha~ and that's why I'd like to get some feedback of my pronunciation!
  7. YukitoYuki

    OREMO Recording Package Finnish Pika (CVVC) 1.0

    Nota Bene: This recording list is NOT compatible with DeepVocal software. This list works in UTAU ONLY! ========= Reclist name is "Pika" meaning "express" in English. This Finnish CVVC is Arpasing inspired and made to be as lightweight and fast to record as possible. File includes: readme...
  8. jasmin00


    Please keep in mind that her Swedish isn't perfect since I am not a native Swedish speaker (I'm from Finland)! And there are no other Swedish voicebanks done yet before mine! So I made have miss pronounced something. Anyways! I'd like to get some feedback ;v;
  9. YukitoYuki

    Finnish pronunciation guide and tips for UTAU users

    Notes - I use IPA in this post: IPA symbols of each sound are in []. Sounds that are often tricky for foreigners - vowel y (and sometimes “ä” and “ö” depending on where you’re from) - r sound Vowels Finnish has 8 vowels in total: a, e, i, o, u, y, ä, ö [ɑ] a - “a” sound like in English...
  10. jasmin00

    Donut Hole - Aino Erufu | Feedback?

    It has been a while when I last time used UTAU and actually enjoyed using it! ;o; aaa Anyways~ Here's a cover of Hachi's Donut Hole featuring my UTAU Aino Erufu! ;v; I'd love to get some feedback! <3
  11. YukitoYuki

    2 Finnish UTAU covers

    Here are my two newest Finnish VCV cover what I've done so far: Sky Fish (yes, I did write trans lyrics for this one from Japanese) Lautturi Lautturi (NND post, feel free to support me in NND too! ^^)
  12. YukitoYuki

    OREMO Recording Package Finnish VCV 2.01 β

    Edit2: Due to new reclist version, the information below is slightly outdated. The information will be updated as soon as possible!!! Edit: I forgot to mention in file's readme than @ mark in my recording list mean "any vowel sound". Yes, any! Any vowel sound! This recording pack includes: -...
  13. jasmin00


    Hi! I just released an really old voicebank of mine. This vcv voicebank was my first vcv vb ever recorded , which I recorded back then on 2014's June! Yeah I was 13 back then--- The reason why I haven't released this bank before now is that ugh the original otoer never otoed this bank and then...
  14. Aino Erufu

    Aino Erufu

    art by chorvaqueen Nationality: Finnish Hair color: Blonde Eye color: Blue Personality: Sweet , shy and kind. Aino is a very shy elf girl from Finland. She's very sweet and caring. art by Ristisi
  15. Lychee


    Name: Lychee Name pronunciation: [l ay ch iy] (pronounced as ライチ in Japanese) Alternative Chinese name: 荔枝 (Pinyin: Lìzhī) Animal: Fox and she’s also an alien that comes from planet g85-907zF Gender: Female Age: 9 537 012 468, about 5 in human age Birthday: 8 March 2015 Height: 123cm Weight...
  16. YukitoYuki

    OREMO Recording Package Finnish CV+ 1.5

    -BGM guide (New ones which are in ver 1.5 are made by @Adlez27 ) -Readme (Eng+JP) -Reclist -Pronouncing guide -oto.ini NEW (version 1.5) OLD (version 1.2) Here is a cappella...
  17. Aki Toka

    Aki Toka

    Name meaning: 兎歌 (Toka) - means "rabbit song", Toka is his last name. アキ (Aki) - a Finnish male given name (also means autumn in Japanese) Aki has also an alternative Chinese name that is 兔歌秋/Tuge Qiu. His Chinese name has basically the same meaning than his Japanese name but it's written and...