1. Hanamaki

    Ban The User Above You

    Basically, the next user to post will ban me for a stupid reason. Example: User1: Banned for posting this game User2: Banned for having the number 1 in your username. And so on. Banned for not existing
  2. NakaNaka

    수상한 메신저OP(Mystic Messenger OP)short Ver - Nakara Saya And Nakara Seiya

    I hope you like it bros!!(I know that I need to improve)
  3. pickko

    Pianopick the piano and singing game

    My name is Pickko, helper of Pianopick. During my free time, I have been working on Pianopick, doing development work and building up my website, It is a game that I have been working on since Sep, 2015. What type of game is Pianopick? It is a game that allow you...
  4. KagamiPagami

    UTAU 2015 2048 Game!

    Hi everyone! For an utau community called "UTAU 2015" on Google+ , I made an 2048 game~ If you aren't familiar with this game, I highly recommend it!! It's very fun, addictive, and competitive! So if you're interested, click the link!! : thanks to...
  5. PanTran

    I Need Card Ideas for "UTAU Against Humanity"

    So I'm creating a fun UTAU themed card-deck for CAH, and I need LOTS of ideas! I've already got roughly 30 cards of each type, but that just isn't enough! So I'd love it if you could comment with your card ideas, as many as you can think of! Preferably put each card on a new line, so it's easier...
  6. Ghostysenpai

    UTAU RPG Project

    Hello, my name is Ghosty and I recently got my RPG maker VX Ace up and running again and I really wanna pick up coding and programing in it again so after some discussion in the utaforum chat we came up with the great idea of making an UTAU RPG game!! Now, an RPG game is no easy task, but I am...
  7. ❤️Li Chen❤️

    3DS Project Mirai FC exchange

    So I would love to see everyone Mirai Cards and listen to your custom tune I would also love to see your VOCALOID come an visit mines ^^ Also seeing your dance would be cute, So would anyone exchange 3ds friend code with me for Projet Mirai? Thatnks ^^ My fc is 5472-8767-9907 My Vocaloid Partner...
  8. ❤️Li Chen❤️

    So Anyone else played Final Fantasy 5?

    So i've began playing FFV for a while and i'm already on the part where there going to blow Exdeaths barrier but the problem i'm having is Bartz Job class Dancer (it might happen to the others too) But when I hit attack he can either do a normal attack or do a dance that has random attacks is...
  9. Mrs.Peach

    [WeND] Guild Wars 2 - FREE2PLAY

    Hello folks! I am looking to build a Guild in Guild Wars 2 with UTAU/Vocaloid people and with the game becoming free 2 play now, it is super accessible. If you decide to join the game PM me. What are the advantages of play GW2? It's is free 2 play Top notch community, always willing to help...
  10. ❤️Li Chen❤️

    Please help me obtain Rogue Admiral Garen on LoL

    Please click this link, no sign up is required it will help me obtain Rogue Admiral Garen on LoL I will click on your link if you have one
  11. Zarsla

    Beta-Testers for Orignal Game

    (Except for working on some commisioned projects for UTAU, I'm not doing anything instead) I'm working on a RPG Maker Game for IGMC 2015. I'm spefically using VX Ace. It's a exploratory puzzle game. I'm aiming for it to be no more than one hour of game play. The basic storyline is you play as...
  12. WendytheCreeper

    UTAU Against Humanity!

    Hello guys! I have a little project called UTAU Against Humanity, a Cardcast deck dedicated to the UTAU community! Now you can have all of your injokes in a politically incorrect game! Here is the deck. Now here's how to use it with Pretend You're Xyzzy: Find the Cardcast deck code in the...