1. V

    Hello everyone, i am looking for help on this little project of mine

    So i need some help regarding the mysteries and stories created by the UTAU community, i am going to need some help in forming this UTAU iceberg. In order to do that i suggest or wish to brainstorm with the people of this forum... I suggest for topics that are either well known or obscure...
  2. ReticentResolve

    Open Recruiting people for an utau group

    So these're vaguely based off of o.cs I made a LONG time ago. Basically, they're each representing a planet, and they weren't originally supposed to be made into utaus, but I kind of wanted to redesign them. To get to the point, I'm trying to find people who would be cool with voicing a member...
  3. Choko

    Open Project MAHOUloid [STILL OPEN]

    Greetings everyone! The Project MAHOUloid created by idol on May 30 2016 is still open for new members but for artists, editors also. Any help is appreciated. ^^ For more information, here is the old post thread:
  4. Toki Takewaki

    Group/Team Creating

    I don't know if I should post this tread here or not... Well it's here now. OK. Lets get to the point. I'm am looking for people to be in a group/team with me. I'm saying "creators coming together" and not really "UTAUs becoming one group" I hope you could understand that, if not I'm...
  5. Toki Takewaki

    My Introduction

    I have poor grammar. So please excuse any errors that I may have made or missed. Hello everyone my name is Takewaki, Toki. I guess you could say that I'm new to UTAU, but I have walked around the UtaPark for some time now. So I kinda got the basics of things that go on. I hope it's not too...
  6. A

    Everyone who can sing can join!Open for everyone who wants to sing!

    I'm thinking of that from a looooooooooooooooooooooot! Since I'm on smule (sing! karaoke application, mainly unfortunately to meet ARab musicians...), there are also lots of smutaite (me also), and I'll curiious to see what can this idea sound. Since we're kinda a community of UTAU voicers...
  7. Arissa

    Utau Idols?

    I noticed this way more in the Japanese side of the fandom/community, Utau idol groups. I was wondering how other people saw the concept, like if they thought it was cool, how it worked, or if it was like a subgenre of Utau attempting to be Love Live or something lol I was also curious on how...
  8. A

    Utau discord server

    Hello! I recently noticed that there is not a discord server for utau... So I created mine! You can enter here:
  9. Kowareta33


    NEW IMPORTANT EDIT! I'm now only looking for UTAU animators to join me for this year's UTAUVision Contest! We've found an artist and a tuner! So if there is anyone willing to make nice PVs for our group, that would be awesome! You do not need to be from Canada as an animator! <3 The...
  10. Sors

    [CLOSED!] Original Song Group Project!

    Hey guys, today, some lyrics came into my mind. However, I'm no composer, and could neither make an illustration for a song, let alone a pv. So why not form a group? We would all benefit of it, as there would be equal parts to do. I myself would be the lyrics writer, as I can't really compose...
  11. Mei-Saime

    Night Series

    Hello~! Mei here with a collab request! I'm thinking about covering the 4 Night Series songs but I need anyone willing to help me out with that project! I'm going to post the roles needed below! Comment which part you want and I'll approve! Villager: Yuzuko Hoshine Doll girl: Katsuryoku Koneko...
  12. Rayven-Merleloid

    Project Merleloid Help!

    Hello, my name is Jade. i write the lyrics for Merleloid. we are going to post in about a week our ORIGINAL song (friends?) but we need some help. things we need -an Artist we need a person the can cover off my sketches and make A BEAUTIFUL masterpiece for music video's - a translator we don't...
  13. idol


    ONLY OTO AND DESIGNER/ARTIST SLOTS LEFT OFFICIAL MAHOULOIDS SOUNDCLOUD HERE Heya!! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining a group of utaus. The premise is, we'll have a group (much like uchuupoids) of people voice a single utau each, who will then help design it/name it...
  14. keiran h

    [CLOSED] UTAU users/voice provider Connecting Group

    I decided to create this group, hehe is time that UTAU users/voice providers shine xD haha I'll participate too even tho this is my first time doing a singing collab with other UTAU users. I'm not going do an audition or something like that but if you want to link a sample of your voice, I...
  15. keiran h

    UtaForum users Group

    hmm we should create a group only for UtaForum users, like a group in Whatsapp or Facebook, using our non personal account! Sometimes is kinda difficult to write in the chatbox, I'm using my phone to enter and it's very hard :/ Idk this is just an idea
  16. keiran h

    UTAU Group Suggestions!

    Since I'm almost finished with the Connecting group and the Medley is going to take a while, I'm open to suggestions for a next UTAU group! I was thinking about doing the whole Night ∞ Series songs (Bad ∞ End ∞ Night / Crazy ∞ nighT / Twilight ∞ nighT / EveR ∞ LastinG ∞ NighT). Our friend...
  17. TheWildVeRTiGo

    UTAU-Galaxy Skype Chat!

    Hi all! My friends Chibi, Araki, and I have a Skype group chat for our deviantART group, UTAU-Galaxy! The chat is a really fun and safe environment to meet new friends and to talk about all the UTAU stuff you want! We'd really love to have you join us! To join, the process is simple! All you...