help needed

  1. ivylare

    problems with breath notes

    hi! im pretty new to utau and ive always had trouble with breath notes, can someone help guide me through how to insert them in a song? here is an example of a breath note that is in a UST that im making a cover with right now. im using the utauloid "number bronze"
  2. #4600

    Is there any way to mass reset envelops on a .UST?

    Converting a CV ust to a VCV is generally a piece of cake. However an annoying issue i've seen is that normally there is envelops/crossfades on the ust's vowels, and going through the entire ust just to reset all of these is an annoyingly tedious task. Is there any way for me to reset these...
  3. DefokoButNotReally

    Skipping syllables

    so, I was making a こちら、幸福安心委員会です cover when I found that Defoko would skip some syllables (e.g: "ki taitte" intead of "kiki taitte" and "o ete agemasu" instead of "oshiete agemasu" This also happened while I was making a World is Mine cover, Defoko skipped syllables (e.g: "ichi n ohime...
  4. Pokeloid Luna

    Utau Duets ideas?

    Ok, so one of my friends requested that I make a cover of Cendrillon for her...but the thing is she didn't tell me which Utaus to use, she only said to try and make it sound realistic and I have no idea which Utaus to use! Can y'all help me out? I want to post this cover on Christmas for my...
  5. Masuna

    Does anybody have a Nico Nico Douga premium account??

    Hi, I need to download an instrumental file for an utau cover I'm giving for a secret santa, but the only way it can be downloaded is with a premium account on Nico Nico Douga. NOTE: extractors don't work on this file. It is downloaded through a file sharing service run by Nico Nico. The file is...
  6. tsumi

    Consonants too hard?

    In this UST, all of the K consonants are super hard and jarring. There isnt any consonant velocity and ive deleted all previous flags. This voicebank doesn't have such hard K's normally, i tried adjusting the oto but that didnt help either. Is there any way to fix this?
  7. Aiha niuu

    Open Tokens Oto needed for CV and VCV bank!

    So I need an oto within a week for my new CV voicebank of Aiha Niu and her VCV bank done within two weeks! I will pay in utabucks and will pay up to 50-80 utabucks each! More utabucks if completed quicker!
  8. TheDumbWeeabooRaccoon

    Help with Pan Kanino?

    Hi, all! So, let's get things underway. I recently downloaded Pan Kanino's VCV voicebank. But no matter how hard I try (restarting UTAU and computer, using both hiragana and romaji), I can't get their voicebank to work! :bigtears: Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Ivy!

    Question /help needed with naming

    So I had this name in mind for an Utau. However on the wiki there is a character with almost the exact same name (same first name, same first part of last name) but they haven't done anything with this Utau since 2013 that I could find. Would it be considered copying if I used the name I...