1. V

    Hello people of the UTAU forum i am here to ask for assistance of a little utau related project here

    Hello there... My name is Vinegar and i am here to ask for information regarding the unknown possibilities of the deep end of the UTAU rabbithole. You see, i am working on a UTAU iceberg and i figured that this could possibly be the place and thread where i can brainstorm with other people and...
  2. rosemayu1201

    append ideas?

    i want to make some appends for my utaus before i release them, but anybody know any append ideas and how to record them?? i use the CV utau format.
  3. kimchi-tan

    What events/big projects would you like to see hosted in the UTAU community?

    With UTAUvision being introduced this year and a Tuning Festival coming soon *wink wink*, what other big things would you guys like to see happen in the community? I personally have no idea what other fun community I'd like to see happen but if ya'll express some of your ideas, maybe someone...
  4. Animé Fan

    Q.P. MAVEN Redesign

    I've come to a decision that I should redesign Q.P.'s MAVEN Append. This is what it originally looks like: Don't get me wrong. I love this design, but I feel the hairstyle just doesn't say "Q.P.". I already have a Longhair Module made for him prior to his voicebank release, so I can use that...