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  1. whiteglove

    Voicebank Allistair Sanoto

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  2. Allistair Sanoto

    Allistair Sanoto

    Favorite Color: Turquoise Character Item: Black Fedora Sexuality: Bi, heavy gay lean Species: Vampire Personality: A lazy, condescending man. Very rude and angry, too. At least, at first sight. In reality, he's had a fairly hard life and just wants to relax. Unfortunately, he also has dark...
  3. RitaLeader

    Voicebank Merodi Ongaku

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  4. Merodi Ongaku

    Merodi Ongaku

    Summary of Merodi Ongaku Merodi Ongaku is a clover based UTAU that is a bubbly and outgoing girl. She has a tendency to ramble and worry. She is a cyborg and had a special feature called "Combat Mode" and has a battle axe in the shape of a clover as a weapon. She lives in a small town called...
  5. ChibiMango-Flooferz

    Minty Mascgrinn

    Kind of UTAU: Dog-Bat Furloid Character Item: Comedy Drama Mask Concept: Minty is based on the goofy, scatterbrained part of my personality. She's also to a lesser extent inspired by the Sock (comedic role) in a Sock and Buskin (tragic role) pair. Positive Personality Traits Friendly Loyal...
  6. Yume Manabu

    Yume Manabu

    Birthday: February 12, 2000 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Composition notebook Personality: Timid, nervous, worrisome, serious
  7. Oroka Fukai

    Oroka Fukai

    Birthday: February 8, 1995 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Cookie dough Personality: Dim-witted, energetic, playful, happy-go-lucky
  8. Orenji Chaneru

    Orenji Chaneru

    Birthday: July 31, 1994 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Green slime Personality: Happy-go-lucky, dim-witted, optimistic, joyful
  9. Ritchi Okane

    Ritchi Okane

    Birthday: March 17, 2019 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Dollars Personality: Quiet, selfish, serious, violent
  10. Iro Wakai

    Iro Wakai

    Birthday: August 3, 1996 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Pop-Tart Personality: Wise-cracking, energetic, comical, childish
  11. Makura Hirune

    Makura Hirune

    Birthday: December 14, 2002 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Pillow Personality: Sleepy, slow, dim-witted, friendly
  12. Kiken Mushoku

    Kiken Mushoku

    Birthday: April 6, 2001 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Cigar Personality: Hyperactive, immature, mischievous, impatient
  13. Ocha Hikari

    Ocha Hikari

    Birthday: December 9, 2001 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Teacup Personality: Optimistic, happy-go-lucky, cheerful, imaginative
  14. MAGGIE


    Birthday: July 11, 2002 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Garfield plush Personality: Sarcastic, cynical, tomboyish, level-headed
  15. Seiji Masara

    Seiji Masara

    Seiji is from the royal family of Zecersonia, and is in fact one of the oldest living members. He originally held the throne to the planet before he aged out of the position. Before retiring the royal duties, he served in the Zecersonian military and conquered various planets for the kingdom...
  16. Hanae Masara

    Hanae Masara

    Hanae comes from the Zecersonian royal family, and was going to be in line to be the queen. She didn't want to take part in the formality, however, and liked to play in the woods and get dirty, much to the displeasure of her parents. She got her own job of her own choice, and although her...
  17. Joule


    While seemingly quiet and reserved, Joule is a rather hyper and restless young man around his close friends. His energetic personality may come off as annoying or obnoxious to some, something that Joule fears of deeply and is very insecure about. He just can't help but act like a little kid...
  18. Thunder Ōkioto

    Thunder Ōkioto

    Thunder is a sort of guardian to Stormy who he considers his younger cousin. He was sent to make sure she doesn't cause too much damage. They live on Earth together and get along well enough. The two of them met shortly before they took residence on Earth. He's also a sky elemental, but more...
  19. jasmin00

    UTAU DEMO REEL RELEASE (Arpasing + Japanese)

    I released three new voicebanks for my UTAU Aino Erufu and I'd love to get some feedback, especially of her Arpasing voicebank! :) Voicebank download links can be found from that video's description and also from Aino's official website! ainoerufu.weebly.com
  20. Kohaku Kin

    Kohaku Kin

    -Kohaku Kin is a boy who likes to draw, listen to music and listen to the sound of the rain.- -he is bisexual- -his red hair is not natural, his natural color is black -the reason why he hates fast food is because fats cause him severe intestinal pains- -he hates romantic movies-