1. rainydaze

    (FIXED) My (jinriki) utau doesn't sing some notes, PLEASE HELP (STILL NOT WORKING☹)

    It's makies a "thump" sound instead of singing for a few notes. I'm trying to make it sing rolling girl but in the part that goes "todo kanai yume mite" it doesn't sing "to","do" and "mi" so it's "(thump) (thump) kanai yume (thump) te". Here's a screenshot of the screen. It looks normal to me...
  2. A

    Jinriki utau sounds wiggly

    Hello, I'm new here. I wonder if anyone knows how to solve wiggly sounds from jinriki I made? Both the voicebank and ust are CV and I made them myself. Moresampler is used, but the default resampler did the same. The sounds it make on "re" and "tada" are wiggly like this: (I'm sorry for the...
  3. Hana-chan

    How do you make an utau using samples of an (instrumental) song?

    My sister wants me to make an utauloid of the Spongebob closing theme song using the song as its voice, if you will. This sounds like a really interesting and unique idea, but I'm not sure how to go about it. Do you take samples and export them as normal like "a" "ba" ka" etc or do you just...
  4. W

    Jinriki UTAU help? What can I do to make my UTAU sound more like the voice samples?

    So I'm trying to make an UTAU of this character. I've gotten pretty far, and I've tried a few covers with him. The character is Jekyll from the Fate series, so thinking I was being clever I decided to cover Jekyll&Hyde with him. This is the character's original voice: The UTAU kind of sounds...
  5. P0PSTXR

    Jinriki VCV tips?

    I'm currently planning on making a [japanese] VCV voicebank out of an FNF mod character (more specifically The Follower from the Slaughter Me Funkin mod if you ask), and while so far dragging samples from their chromatic scale across seems to be going good, I don't really know how to make vowel...
  6. MaMochii

    How to make Jinrikis sound like source voice?

    Hello. I am working on various jinrikis, for the funsies. Not gonna release them tho. I had a question regarding those. How do I make them sound more... like the source voice? Per now I'm trying with moresampler but it doesn't work well for all samples. Also tried flags and other resamplers...
  7. Lousy Lionn

    Jinriki rendering issues

    Howdy, after spiraling into a blind rage I've now managed to render a bank from a voiceroid. However, the samples show up as static in utau. I'm assuming it's a sampling rate issue, but I'm not sure how to fix it
  8. W

    Open Can someone help oto my Jinriki CVVC Voicebank?

    So ask have recently said in another thread, I recently gathered, after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, (almost all of my sound samples for a Jinriki UTAU! So all I have to do now is oto it, maybe replace some samples; but I have so little time left in break and have so much else to do. Can...
  9. W

    Making an English jinriki! ...Some help please?

    So as the title says, I found that there are no English Jinriki voicebanks out there, so I thought why not and decided to make making one my goal for spring break. I mean, how bad can it be? So I chose CVVC, grabbed one of Delta's reclists because I can read Japanese, and got to work. And oh...
  10. UsoppFanGirl

    Need help with a VB

    Hi I recently posted a very similar request for help but I learned that I am not allowed to distribute it since it is a Jinriki. However, I can show pictures of my settings if need be. Basically, I'm making a Jinriki VB and oh my god is it bad. the audio samples i used were fine, the problem...
  11. WeegeeSpirit

    All of my Utau Covers so Far

    More info in the Links (Newest to Oldest): IM HIGH (Original by Maretu, covered with VAI and Renri Yamine): London Slag Party High (Original by MASA Works DESIGN, covered with VAI and Sans): Meteor (Original by John, covered with Renri Yamine and VAI): The Clear Demonic Mirror...
  12. UsoppFanGirl

    Need Help For a Jinriki VB

    Hi, I'm trying to create a Jinriki voice bank of a haracter from an anime I watch! I have his voice lines from some games he's in, I've oto'd his VB too, bit he sounds pretty bad. Like, a scratchy metallic echoey sound? Some notes don't even work half the time, like "su" only giving me a...
  13. Marcos Cejas

    Doubt about Jinrikis

    Hello people... I have a question, and it's that I don't know if it's okay for me to publish cover with utau jinrikis on this site. What do you say?
  14. ♡♡♡

    ! (。・ω・。)

    ✿ Hello Everyone! I'm sorta new here, but you can call me Jakua-P! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ So, i make Osomatsu San related UTAU content! ( But i do make other Jinriki's! ) They're usually really fun, and sorta hard to do! But, due to my module being sorta dumb, i only use romaji UST's...
  15. W

    Moresampler issues (+ choppy singing)

    Alright, so I was able to finally start doing UTAU again after a long hiatus after I was traumatized by my work being randomly deleted a little over a year ago. And I also added more otos to a VB I made before. I was really looking forward to testing out Moresampler with my jinriki, so I...