1. Void

    Cover [ GACKPOID V4 X KAITO V3 ] World's End Dancehall

    I'm actually very happy with how the video turned out! I noticed a small mistake, but woops, I know for next time. EDIT: OH OOPS forgot to say, you can retweet the art here!
  2. Luc

    【UTAU Cover】Cantarella~Grace Edition 【久志KOU】

    ... If anyone would want mix for me pls contact me I'm so bad at it.
  3. Chasing Constellations

    Inactive PayPal Music Original Song Commissions!

    http://akiramarvell.deviantart.com/journal/ORIGINAL-SONG-COMMISSIONS-OPEN-618455412 Hello! I am Akira Marvell, one half of the song writting duo, Chasing Constellations! I have opened up these commissions in order to practice writing my music, which is normally in the form of a piano ballad. I...
  4. Lazarus512

    Drug Of Gold ~Regulus Mix~ Mizuiro Seigaku (feat. Akira Tayasuine) +UST

    Drug Of Gold ~Regulus Mix~ Song composed by: Akuno-P Originally Sung by: KAITO Remix by: James Remix sung by: Mizuiro Seigaku UST created by: James -The remix is based off the original track so you can use the original Off-vocal of the song with this UST (If you can find it.. closest one I...