1. Choko

    Open Project MAHOUloid [STILL OPEN]

    Greetings everyone! The Project MAHOUloid created by idol on May 30 2016 is still open for new members but for artists, editors also. Any help is appreciated. ^^ For more information, here is the old post thread:
  2. Cine

    COLLAB!【Nanapin & Mizuiro Pasuteru】 Remote Control 【Mahouloid UTAU Cover】

    This is my first collab with @danlof99
  3. Mahouloid Nanapin

    Mahouloid Nanapin

    Update(July 2018): v2 Probably???? She's got a new design so I'll probably update her. Originally created here.
  4. Cine

    【Mahouloid 七淡紅(ナナピン)】ごめんね ごめんね (I'm sorry I'm sorry)【UTAUカーバ】

    NO SC AGAIN thx copyright. It's idoless' waifu at it again.