male utau

  1. Cyberbison

    【SAMI VUORI】Ghost Rule [Lots of growling!]

    I decided to retrieve the ust I had already shred and thrown away. Such a banger!
  2. Hayate Ame

    Hayate Ame

    Hayate Ame is a part doll, part human UTAU! His body from the neck down is artificial due to a vague accident that he often over exaggerates. He's a bit childish, usually disconnecting his head to scare people, or play soccer with.
  3. jasmin00

    Critique Requested 【UTAU / MMD cover】 「 PONPONPON 」【Kiki Sagawa】

    Voicebank download : click here Credits in the description of the video :)
  4. Pepto


    Welcome to the gang Pepto! He's a shy, bubblegum slime with a natural crack to his voice! The cracks and overall scratchiness of his voice is intentional, so no worries! ━━━━☆━━━━ Sex: Male Race/species: Slime Eye color(s): Light pink, no pupil Hair color(s): Bubblegum pink Hair length: Bottom...
  5. Yume Manabu

    Yume Manabu

    Birthday: February 12, 2000 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Composition notebook Personality: Timid, nervous, worrisome, serious
  6. Oroka Fukai

    Oroka Fukai

    Birthday: February 8, 1995 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Cookie dough Personality: Dim-witted, energetic, playful, happy-go-lucky
  7. Ritchi Okane

    Ritchi Okane

    Birthday: March 17, 2019 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Dollars Personality: Quiet, selfish, serious, violent
  8. Iro Wakai

    Iro Wakai

    Birthday: August 3, 1996 Nationality/Race: Japanese/American Character item: Pop-Tart Personality: Wise-cracking, energetic, comical, childish
  9. AnimeaSPrin

    Male voice provider needed! A cv and maybe an english bank.

    The title says all. I'm in need of a male voice provider to record a CV Japanese bank! I'm specifically wanting somebody who can do more of a len like voice but more deep! But ANYTHING works as I can mess with flags, lol. I can maybe pay through art, mixing, and covers for this to be done...
  10. Akriel

    【Type-A - Matsuo Sora】 1, 2, Fanclub 【UTAUカバー】

    I looooove these two very much, Matsuo Sora belongs to @Sors and Type A belongs to @partial !!
  11. Akriel

    【AKRIEL - UTAU】『エイリアンエイリアン』Alien Alien

    Shing! I've been obsessed with this song recently, so I had to. all credits are in the description!
  12. Akriel

    【AKRIEL Ft. Kazehiki - UTAU】『おこちゃま戦争』Childish War

    My first UTAU collab, Kazehiki had to be first! Apparently this is copyrighted in other countries... if you can't watch it I'm sorry ; ___ ; I'll consider uploading it to another site if possible! EDIT: I posted it to soundcloud for those who want to listen if it's copyright blocked!
  13. Joule


    While seemingly quiet and reserved, Joule is a rather hyper and restless young man around his close friends. His energetic personality may come off as annoying or obnoxious to some, something that Joule fears of deeply and is very insecure about. He just can't help but act like a little kid...
  14. Akriel

    【AKRIEL】『ねこみみスイッチ』Nekomimi Switch

    Special thanks to my friend Kiggycatt for the art!! Credits in description <3
  15. Akriel

    【AKRIEL - UTAU】『キャンディアディクトフルコォス』Full Course for Candy Addicts

    I'm so happy this is done, special thanks to my amazing friend Makkoeda for doing the art for this video!! You can follow his art here!
  16. Akriel

    【AKRIEL】Party Junkie

    finally after aaages of mixing and video editing, it's done!
  17. Akriel


    Long and far away where angels, demons, and species alike live in peace lived a Tenma. The guard and son of two powerful rulers, Akriel Hikari Nicholas. He was a happy little thing that loved to explore many worlds, worlds unknown to him and others. The small tenma stumbled upon a world of...
  18. Pluto


    A 14 year old boy who goes by the stage name Pluto, real name Lawrence Tombaugh. He currently lives with the rest of the musical group, Planetary Motion, where he is the youngest. Very shy and reluctant to interact with other people unless prompted. He keeps to himself, and likes to spend time...
  19. Kuku Klock

    【Utau Cover】Repulsive Food Eater【Kurayami Hikari】

    Posted from description So...its been literally been 9 years since I covered this song with her. And I have a lot more people for her to eat... on a side note, Kurayami, dont eat your brother, yer gonna get fat. ewe. But it was fun doing this cover tho. Credits;; Utau used Kurayami Hikari (tri...
  20. CometStre

    【UTAUカバー】Akahitoha 【ARI.EXE】