masculine voice

  1. Hibisune Dora

    Hibisune Dora

    Hibisune Dora is a 17 years old high school student, they never mention their gender to anyone and loves to fake and mimic voices. They dyed their hair for a while to slightly match their odd eyes, and is never seen without their uniform. Dora is bright and cheerful, sometimes mischievous and...
  2. Z

    Ou're -Hazure- VCV 1.0

    An updated version of the Kire VCV voice for Ou're. A 6-pitch powerscale voicebank with a strong and clear tone, includes end breaths.
  3. Edgeberry

    Open Seeking a masculine voicer for VCV bank

    As the title says, I'm looking for a provider for a male utau as a male counterpart to my utau, Lulu. Designing and otoing will be handled by me, all I need are voice samples. The deadline would be by December, although there's no real rush, I'd just like to have recording wrapped up by...
  4. Z

    Ou're ACT3 1.0

    A 5-pitch CV powerscale voicebank. The most current and up-to-date versions of CV style voicebanks for the UTAU synthesizer Ou're Voicebank Information: Pitches: G#2, D#3, G#3, C4, D#4 Logical Range: C#2~C5 Kana Encoded Romaji/Kana Alias Bright and clear singing voice
  5. Junjou Ko

    Open Other Seeking Voice providers for Elias and Thoth

    So a long while back, I had made two characters that were in a symbiotic relationship. One was a 217-year-old British boy and the other was a book that spoke for him and acted as a voice for his muteness. I have recently found this pair in my art folder and felt the strongest need for these...