1. U V1 (uriah)

    U V1 (uriah)

    A kinda monotone masculine voice, with some recording errors. My first utau voicebank, recorded back in march at like midnight so the samples sound dead inside, kehehe UV1 is pretty flexible in terms of story and personality, like the vocaloids he doesn't have a set backstory or anything. It's...
  2. Sors

    Matsuo Sora Voicebanks

    This thread is to focus on all updates, past and future of my UTAU Matsuo Sora. April 2017: First Major Update; Matsuo Sora Hirogaru. Multi-Expressional Multipitch Voicebank (Dark G#2, Soft F3, Power C#4 and F4). Download link in description. May 2017: Recording Update: Matsuo Sora English...
  3. Matsuo Sora

    Matsuo Sora

    Sora is a big idiot, who also happens to be a manchild. He is bored pretty easily and is quite hyperactive. He enjoys doing active things, such as dancing or doing sports, yet at the same time is also a quite lazy individual who loves to just lie in bed the whole day. He is also bisexual and has...