1. YURIalterΞgø

    Kasane Teto is a SIMP

    :sing: for context, Teto's mad and is being vulgar af in my native language~
  2. Xepheris

    Kisekae | MMD Meme + model dl

    Cute meme to promote Milk's mmd model~ dl it here: - Credits - Model: 怪那 Song: KISEKAE (Android52 remix) Motion: kilala1148
  3. Gin-Kaido

    【UTAUカバー】 HOTTO DOGGU - Shirakane Hiyori ft. Gekiyaku

    I hope you like it...
  4. Gin-Kaido

    【UTAUカバー】 PADORU PADORU! - Namae Shirezu Ft. Zenzi Guriya

    Finally I'm done it. PADORU PADORU Cover for UTAU. Need a lot of work but I'm enjoyed it. I hope you like it and thank you for listening this...
  5. MystSaphyr

    UST Screaming Musical Cowboys ("Big Enough") 1.0

    Here, have a meme. Instrumental recreation snippet included. Please be sure to check the README inside for usage notes!
  6. delphic

    don't f*** with me (meme)

    I'm sorry.
  7. ryouichi

    【UTAUカバー】キルミーベイベーED 「ふたりのきもちのほんとのひみつ」【重音テト & 欲音ルコ♀】+UST

    I made an UST for this! It's an animation meme. Look! Memes!
  8. Yozane

    【UTAU English】Caramelldansen 【Yozane Iimo VCCV】

    YO!! SO @GothAmaterasu made a great ust for Caramelldansen! As soon as I found it I knew I had to make a cover! ^^ I have been in a creative slump lately so, I apologize if the mix is kinda crappy!! Ust: GothAmaterasu Utau: Yozane Iimo VCCV English 1.5 Mix: Yozane VIDEO: TBA (@PRISMkidd)
  9. kimchi-tan

    Here Come Dat Boi

    Oh shit waddup
  10. Skiyoshi 十三

    きゅっきゅっきゅっニャー Meme

    Going to do a video for based on the きゅっきゅっきゅっニャー meme. (Example of the meme) This will actually get done since there is no deadline and no real UTAU work being done. I will be using 13 UTAU total, which may make a 4 min. video. I'd like members of the UTAForum community to suggest their UTAU...