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  1. YURIalterΞgø

    Eyyo wazzup! How are y'all doing ✨

    Heya!! I'm Yuri and I'm not new when it comes to songs that used vocal synths like Utau, but I recently started using it myself and it's so much fun learning! Hope to meet awesome people here and maybe work with in the future! Hope we get along <3 Here's some works I recently did, not the best...
  2. Senjitsu.ddb

    Hewwo ! Sen here !

    Okay so I finally decided to introduce myself and be active here hehe! So hiii ! My username is Senjitsu, but you can just call me Sen ! I'm a french person so I'm sorry if my English is wrong or hard to understand sometimes!! I'm a passionated vocal synth user, and I really love using UTAU...