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  1. BaniRolls

    Update BANILOID is Coming! - new UTAUloid

    I am making a vocaloid called "BANILOID". she has will have a Japanese, English, and Chinese voicebank (English and Chinese are coming later) and she will also have appends. Her normal voice is the A/X engine, her matured (adult) voice is the MAT engine, and her masculine sounding voice is the...
  2. cocoluna

    sora and tichi oranji offical disigns

    names sora and tichi oranji age 0 for now birthday december 9th 2020 personality kind brave adventureer sora shy calm hiden darkside character items old raido and compoter
  3. Spice

    Critique Requested 【UTAUカバー】ローリンガール (Rolling Girl)【SPICE Tripitch】

    Heyo!! so i cranked out a WHOLE TRIPITCH VCV BANK for SPICE yesterday, and decided it's time to make a cover of Rolling Girl..... because i love that song sososo much ;; i hope u like it!! i think her new bank sounds much better compared to her beta, thank u to those who suggested breath files...
  4. Spice


    Japanese v1.0 VCV is OUT!! :D DISCLAIMER: she's brand new, so there's bound to be some flaws i haven't seen yet.... so be careful!!! :o and lmk if you find any issues! OLD (beta) VB COVER: (for now, she has a moresampler base oto... bc idk how to oto properly.... sorry! it works fine tho...
  5. Spice

    Critique Requested 【UTAUカバー】愛して愛して愛して (Love Me, Love Me, Love Me)【SPICE】

    So I know off the bat that the mixing and vb aren't that good, but I'd like to know how to make them better?? Anyways. Hi, I'm Spice, and this is my UTAU....... SPICE. lol Here's my first ever cover with her... again i know its not good ;w; i wanna know how to make it better!! tysm!
  6. cherryloids

    Hello!! My name is Cherry!

    Hey!! How is everyone? ^^ My name is Cherry, and I am the voice provider and creator of Tashiro Yui, who is currently my only utauloid ^^' Here's a picture of her!! She doesn't have any FINISHED official art, I mean, this is still kinda a concept ^^' She does have a voicebank tho!! And...
  7. Songbird

    Last Night Good Night short cover (unnamed/unfinished utau)

    Working on my Utauloid and got a bit stressed out from life and made a quick whispery bank, kinda like it to be honest!
  8. pepsieatersupreme

    【UTAU NEWCOMER】Last Night, Good Night [YOSHIDA HANA + VB]

    hanas official release! it happened yesterday but i forgot utaforums existed for like. five minutes.
  9. CoreWorld28

    I am new here!

    I don have much to say but I have a new UTAU named Josiie Harmonika. You can find her sites on my profile and her social media! Does anyone have any tips?
  10. Golnar Attar

    Golnar Attar

    Backstory: Originating from royalty within a place known as The Enchanted Forest, Golnar felt the pressure of becoming the next in line for the throne, although she could forget all her worries when she was with her best friend, Tsugumi Mounono, another royal from a neighboring kingdom. "My...
  11. Samiku


    ( Profile ) Name: Samiku age: 15 Hair:Brown Eyes:Baby blue clothes:green mix with pink,yellow and purple. personality: nicely and conscience Hobby: love to Enjoy outside with butterfly
  12. Mei-Saime

    Hello and UPDATE! :3

    My name is Mei-Sai me and I'm an hobbyist artist and gamer. I also occasionally sing and dance! I'm here to introduce myself and my upcoming 1st UTAU Yuzuko Hoshine. Yuzuko was a UTAU I started back in 2013 but due to school and life...I haven't touched her. Since its 2017, and near graduation...
  13. KYO.LOID

    Introduction Thread I suppose

    Hello there! It's been a while since I've swung back into the Utau Game But I'm finally finishing up my first, and probably only original Utau --- They don't have a name or much of anything besides their voice and basic personality at the moment, and I've dubbed them "no. 610" at the moment...
  14. firebird71

    I need help with my voicebank

    Hello! So I've been in the UTAU community for a while now so a few weeks ago I thought: "Hey, I could try to make my own UTAUloid!" Well, I succeeded. At least partly, that is. I managed to make an oto.ini file but I think I messed it up or something. My UTAUloid sings, it works, but it...
  15. SkylarBlue

    Hello! cx

    I am new here! <3 well kind of. and i'm sort of an intermediate when it comes to utau. i have one utau. but her download isn't out quite yet. that is her CV design This is her VCV design (not sure if it'd show??? but art is by Aicccce on deviantart please go check her out shes so...
  16. LucieFox

    My First UTAU Design (Critiques/Tips?)

    Hi! So after I changed so many color pallets and went through so many design changes I came up with this. Her voicebank is still in works, slowly coming together. Her name as you can see is sort of there. It doesn't click with me so theres a good chance I will change it. Anyways, what do ya...
  17. Fluffy Waffles

    I Released my first UTAU!!! <3 <3 <3

    I was so nervous to put up her download link but here it is! Hamasaki Ayame, the Tri-pitch VcV! This is the first time I've ever voiced and Oto'd an UTAU before. She's recorded in the pitches A3, D#4, and F#4 with Extra breath samples. I hope she came out well! If you decide to download her tell...
  18. Miawerz


    (I already included this in the requested vb critique thread so I hope it's okay to put this here lol) so here's my cover with Yuuki, pretty much just playing around with moresampler's flags (rip headphone users I hope the scream sounds ok lel) also hope you like the weird vid I made which took...
  19. Miawerz

    【UTAU NEWCOMER】 Mahou 【Yuki】 (first ever finished cover made lol)

    (I already included this in the requested vb critique thread so I hope it's okay to put this here lol) so here's my first ever completed cover (along with the noob tuning/mixing lol) I accidentally finish otoing Yuki's vb before Yuuki's (thanks to that wonderful double-click feature that renames...
  20. H

    Piano download sign ups now available!

    What is piano? Piano is a vocal bank available for a limited time only. __________________________________________________________________________ For more information please check in the website.