1. CapuccinoMachine

    Can I change my locale after installing UTAU?

    So, I'm pretty new to using UTAU. Took me a while to even figure out how to install it, but I got my locale changed to Japanese and it runs perfectly fine. I don't know what changing locale does exactly other than changing what language the code in my computer runs on (I think?) so I tried...
  2. soy

    Utau doesn't sing some notes

    Hi ! For some reason, the utau I'm using (Karasu Yuutsukoe) refuses to sing most notes from the ust. I tried to change the voicebank but the problem is still there, if not worse, and I'm pretty sure it would be the same with another utau. The notes he sings also seem to be pretty random. For...
  3. KaitoShiondaBest

    Plz Help! I can't get Matsuppoiyo to sing!

    Hi! I'm new to the Utau program, so I don't know how to fix things. I've searched the internet, but to no avail. The program works, and I can get Teto and Rook to sing, but when I try to get Matsuppoiyo to sing (I've even used UST made for him), the windows command prompt window sometimes shows...
  4. juju miyamiya

    I'm new here !

    Hi everyone, my name is juju ^^ and i'm 17 years old. I am new here and i want to share my passion for UTAU or making UST's I'm from France, and i live in lorraine I love yokune ruko male, listen UST's, fanarts of UTAULOID/VOCALOID, and...ships So, if you want to talk with me, don't...
  5. Gekiyaku

    Hello, I'm pretty new

    Hello, I go by gekiyaku and I am pretty new to utau (started 2 months ago). I joined Utaforum so that I can help others with their utau problems and receive critique for my utau projects so that I can improve.:creepy: So what am I supposed to know about Utaforum since I am new here ?
  6. chippy

    help? first time downloading

    so uhh i'm quite new and i'm using windows 10. i need help. i changed the region and a lot of things necessary but whenever i try to install it, it says " preparing install " but it takes ages. please tell me if i'm doing anyhing wrong. thank you for your help
  7. DeaLuminis

    Shione Lt will not say wo

    I'm new to using UTAU synth, and I am making my first real cover (I decided to make the UST on my own so I can learn stuff) I am using Shione Lt power V3.5, and she is VCV. When I typed in wo, the note still was the default sound, a. I tried a trick where I put wa to the smallest note possible...
  8. A

    Hello! I'm new to utau! I have some newbie questions,

    I'm only days old on UTAU. I'm trying to create my first UST however, I have some questions. I kept on hearing about otoing. What is otoing? I downloaded Mawarine Shuu's VB and found out it has breath samples. How do i add this to my UST? Thank you so much! ^_^
  9. ZPKero [Zetsune Project]


    My name is Sean. I am the owner of Akiyama Kero, and two UTAU annoyloids! I would love to meet you all! And maybe even have a few people try my new voicebank.. I also work with MMD! All I do is use motions though.. I can't make models nor motions yet. Anyways, Happy to be here!
  10. ammamanagucci


    i used to have an account on here but i forgot the password lmaooo. i'm back and looking for some advice on my UTAU and my upcoming cover |D check out my soundcloud!! i love using teto english, and i'm happy to be here again!
  11. IchiroHarukiOFFICIAL


    Hello! I am a Furloid named Ichiro Haruki! Nice to meet you! So i have a CV voicebank and a VCV voicebank. though the VCV needs a bit polishing so i need help with that. I can't do good oto's. I asked my friend but he has other stuff to worry about. But anyways! I hope i get to meet some nice...
  12. Kibo Ari

    Kibo Ari

    Hey, I guess I'm a new Utauloid. I know everyday someone creates a Utau. But still. My Utau name is Kibo Ari, cause my name is Hope.... and yeah thats it. Yeah.... ah.... See ya
  13. Mei-Saime

    Big Changes for me

    Happy 2019. Well, I've been "rebooting" my UTAU and group since my Surface Pro 4 died in October. Since this is a clean slate of 2019, I decided to change some things. - Yuzuko's name, specifically her surname will change as I did find the "ne" suffix a bit old fashioned. Her new official name...
  14. Lycandeer

    Newbie Here

    Hey there! I hope you will all go easy on me. I'm very new to the UTAU community, and I kind of just dabble around in UTAU and Vocaloid stuff for fun. I'm not very skilled at using the programs or creating voice banks, but I still have fun with it. If anyone would be willing to be friends and...
  15. Cherii

    Hello! Completely New

    Hello there (*´∇`*)!! Um... I'm very, VERY new to this UTAU thing.. Not sure exactly what to put here too.. Haha~! I just found this out though after typing in a word that I miss-spelled and it lead me to a bunch of UTAU video covers and such! So, after doing some fun research I found out about...
  16. SuikaProject

    A New member

    Hello Beautiful Strangers, I'm "SuikaProject" and I'm joining the UTAForum :smile: You can call me "Suika-P" in short nickname. About Me: I'm an Artist, I do Drawing, Sculpting, Painting, Writing, Designing and other stuff that I haven't tried. I'm half of English...
  17. GraySlate


    Hi! I'm Nikki, I'm 19, female, and I hope to hold the record for the amount of UTAU's I've made and manage. I've used UTAU since I was 11, and at this time, I have 18 total UTAUs that I've made, three are voiced by my family members. I try to do everything myself, so everything I know about...
  18. Ndō


    hey, i go by andou but you can also call me esmo im 15 and i love utau so much hhjfjdfaudifhgeu ive never been involved in a big community and im scared i'dd like to be more involved in the community even though im not the best person ever 4 years in utau and im bad at mixing and making...

    Hey i'm new!

    Hey everyone i don't really know what to write but i'd love to make some new friends . I'm from The Netherlands, and i've been vocaloid/UTAU fan since i was 13! xD
  20. calioid

    Hello people!

    Ah... Hi there everyone. I'm new to these forums and new to utau in general. I hope I can become better at doin stuff.