1. BaniRolls

    Update BANILOID is Coming! - new UTAUloid

    I am making a vocaloid called "BANILOID". she has will have a Japanese, English, and Chinese voicebank (English and Chinese are coming later) and she will also have appends. Her normal voice is the A/X engine, her matured (adult) voice is the MAT engine, and her masculine sounding voice is the...
  2. Info-Chan

    News New Demo from Chorical; CHV02_JPN in development

    Tweet: Sample: CHV02_JPN is the codename for an in-development vocal from Chorical, LLC. There's a hidden clue as to the who the vocal is and their corresponding character. More details pending.
  3. D

    News HIPPI, aka "H"

    So, 1st Place finally revealed the name of the elusive "H" character. For those who are unaware, "H" was a vocal that 1st Place announced for VOCALOID4 back during one of IA and ONE's anniversary events back in 2016. However, they told us practically nothing about it other than it would be a...
  4. MystSaphyr

    UtaForum Code of Conduct

    Hi all, This post has been a long time coming. As forum admin, I must apologize for how lax things have gotten here over the past couple of years. Rather than making excuses, I am here to address the underlying problems and explain the steps the moderation team and I have taken to fix our...
  5. Mei-Saime

    Big Changes for me

    Happy 2019. Well, I've been "rebooting" my UTAU and group since my Surface Pro 4 died in October. Since this is a clean slate of 2019, I decided to change some things. - Yuzuko's name, specifically her surname will change as I did find the "ne" suffix a bit old fashioned. Her new official name...
  6. Mei-Saime

    News 桜乃そら Leaked The AHS Amazon page has...
  7. SynthJ

    SynthRewind [2016]

    Oh boy !!! 2K16 is close to coming to a close- and we had lots happen in the synth world!! I wanna make this thread to round up all of the special stuff that happened this year!!! :smile: Let's see if we can come up with it all :smile: IA and ONE 1st Year Anniversary Celebration Stream! Also...
  8. kimchi-tan

    UtaForum Limited voicebank downloads for Kohaku Merry (Flowwand, Stilt, Highwire, AerialWire)

    I decided to share this since many may be interested in downloading Merry's limited-time voicebanks but may not hear about them before the deadline crosses over.
  9. B

    RIN/LEN V4X UPDATE Rin and Len E.V.E.C v4x is set to release BEFORE Miku (www) Their release date is December 2015. Heres some information: Both will come with XSY compatibility 3 banks: SOFT/NORMAL/POWER. They are based upon ACT1. This means they...