1. MystSaphyr

    UtaForum Code of Conduct

    Hi all, This post has been a long time coming. As forum admin, I must apologize for how lax things have gotten here over the past couple of years. Rather than making excuses, I am here to address the underlying problems and explain the steps the moderation team and I have taken to fix our...
  2. Mei-Saime

    Big Changes for me

    Happy 2019. Well, I've been "rebooting" my UTAU and group since my Surface Pro 4 died in October. Since this is a clean slate of 2019, I decided to change some things. - Yuzuko's name, specifically her surname will change as I did find the "ne" suffix a bit old fashioned. Her new official name...
  3. Mei-Saime

    News 桜乃そら Leaked The AHS Amazon page has...
  4. SynthJ

    SynthRewind [2016]

    Oh boy !!! 2K16 is close to coming to a close- and we had lots happen in the synth world!! I wanna make this thread to round up all of the special stuff that happened this year!!! :smile: Let's see if we can come up with it all :smile: IA and ONE 1st Year Anniversary Celebration Stream! Also...
  5. kimchi-tan

    UtaForum Limited voicebank downloads for Kohaku Merry (Flowwand, Stilt, Highwire, AerialWire)

    I decided to share this since many may be interested in downloading Merry's limited-time voicebanks but may not hear about them before the deadline crosses over.
  6. B

    RIN/LEN V4X UPDATE Rin and Len E.V.E.C v4x is set to release BEFORE Miku (www) Their release date is December 2015. Heres some information: Both will come with XSY compatibility 3 banks: SOFT/NORMAL/POWER. They are based upon ACT1. This means they...