1. Baphobloody Goat Dream

    Moresampler Randomly Stops Rendering (OpenUtau)

    Working on an original with two tracks atm. One track is of Theory singing the majority of the vocals, but there's smaller bits that were done by another voicebank. Moresampler is in the wavtool and resampler folders for Openutau. Theory's parts all render just fine when I play things back to...
  2. rainydaze

    Namine Ritsu KIRE voicebank sounding quiet in some parts

    This is on OpenUtau by the way. Has the voicebank always been like this? Is there a way to fix this? If not, then would there be a namine ritsu voicebank that sounds powerful? (anything but the weird shout vb where he literally sounds like he's gurgling)
  3. skrunkly62910

    OpenUTAU EN ARPA phonemizer not working correctly

    Since there's literally nowhere else to discuss help topic like this, (my github account was suspended despite me never using it and the openutau reddit is private) I came here. Basically, I have an arpasing voicebank and it seems to work as normal until I want to break up the syllables of a...
  4. cubialpha

    VCCV English Tutorial (OpenUTAU) 1.0

  5. Fyshbot

    How to make Teto growl in OpenUtau?

    Hi all! I am brand new to making songs with OpenUtau in general (cause I have no luck trying to get anything to work in Utau and OpenUtau's layout is easier for me to personally work with) and I'm still learning a lot... I was wondering how I can make Teto's growl voicebank sound good in...
  6. phoenixz

    openutau growls with vibrato

    hey! im new here and new to using openutau, i saw someone say you can make a growl using vibrato but im still not sure how to do that, can someone help me?
  7. ammamanagucci

    Cover Multi-Synth Critique Requested bang bang / kasane teto AI, namine ritsu AI, yokune ruko / synthesizer v x ace studio x openUTAU

  8. MoaHarbour

    Big OpenUtau issue with voicebanks not loading

    After updating to v0.1.90.0. in OpenUtau, none of the voicebanks I have work. I can't even open the dropdown menu. None of them have been deleted in the files. If you have a solution to this please tell me!
  9. MoaHarbour

    Critique Requested [fERRERO ACT.I] Color And Electricity (OpenUtau)

    I'm proud of how this turned out (although still not sure on mixing) I had a ton of fun with vocal effects! I found this UTAU and wanted to try something wacky with it. Given that fERRERO is an alien, I wanted to use a surreal, horror kind of song. I was gonna go for Kikuo, but I think this...
  10. B


    How do I make my own custom reclist for VCCV?
  11. B

    OREMO Capital letter...

    Oremo doesn't see the difference between Capital letters and lowercase letters. I recorded the "kla" sample and it appeared on 4 samples: kla, kLa, klA, and kLA. How do I prevent this? And is it possible to use custom voicebanks in OpenUtau?
  12. TehDumpster

    Hakaine Maiko Cannot Render (OpenUTAU)

    Hi! afaik she seems to be installed correctly + i made sure to not use romaji w her when i try to render stuff w her i run into an error that goes smthn like "X file cannot be found"(?) I wonder if its bc the files names are garbled like this If this is the cause of the issue how do i fix it...
  13. Baphobloody Goat Dream

    Pretty Boy As In (どちもずっと)ft. ARACHNE & Mato Fuusetsu

    Last video of the year! It's kind of plain, but you're here for the song anyway.
  14. rainydaze

    Voice samples disappear when installing voicebank on OpenUtau

    The samples are gone whenever I install this specific voicebank on OpenUtau. It works fine on UTAU though. I noticed that it doesn't have any _wav files that you would see in other voicebanks, and it also doesn't have the oto file even though I oto'ed it. This is a voicebank for a friday...
  15. rainydaze

    Why can't I select resampler in OpenUtau?

    I clicked the little settings icon on the header of a track and a pop-up showed up saying "No settings for this renderer". I'm pretty sure that's where you were supposed to click to select a resampler? Anybody have any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
  16. FuranZombie

    【UTAU cover】 A Sardine Grows From The Soil 【Angelica】

  17. E

    Can't Get ENUNU To Work?

    I'm finally trying to make an ENUNU VB, and have built the first test version to see if it works. But I can't seem to get OpenUTAU to play nice with ENUNU. I've followed all the install instructions for the 0.4.0 release specifically for OpenUTAU, and also tried using the 0.3.1 version via the...
  18. rainydaze

    Voicebank sounds out of tune

    This only happens in OpenUtau btw. It sounds fine on UTAU but I can't just use UTAU because I keep getting multiple un-fixable errors. What could be the issue?
  19. rainydaze

    resamplers not working on openutau

    I tried using doppeltler64 and 32 but they both make the note "o か" cut off for some reason (and it's only a single note from the whole song??) f2resamp gives an error message for saying it failed to resample the note "o か" TIPS and moresampler won't make it play at all would give me these...
  20. rainydaze

    doppeltler makes a note cut off

    UPDATE: it worked for the main vocals after I updated OpenUtau. It still would cut off for the harmonies for some reason though. So I replaced the note "o か" with "- か" and it sounded okay. This is in OpenUtau btw. I've noticed that doppeltler32 and 64 makes one of the notes in the UST cut...