1. lepilob

    English OpenUtau words wont play

    Hi! I just started working with Utau today and settled on using OpenUtau. I'm using Mimi Yorune and everytime I use certain words she skips it, and goes to the next word. the ones im noticing are The and Thy, though there could be more. Not sure if this is a known issue but any help is appreciated
  2. Christian1739

    Voicebank Denji Ebisawa

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Denji Ebisawa. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Denji Ebisawa

    Denji Ebisawa

    Denji is known for being more on the goofy side, especially when he's hanging out with Deci Mal and BonBon. He's very shy when he meets someone the first time, but trusts you and turns to your best buddy, once the ice is broken. He's also very playful, but gets annoyed very easily. And if you...
  4. elizaditton

    Disappearing VCs after switching voice colors while using CVVC phonemizers

    Hey guys, I'm having a weird problem here. I've been working on a new multipitch CVVC voicebank, and I decided to try setting up voice colors in OpenUtau so I could test OTOing progress. But for some reason, OpenUtau's CVVC Japanese phonemizers (both of them) don't seem to like my voice color...
  5. mangosiryan12

    [OpenUTAU/Diffsinger Cover] Brilliant [Ryan Moriyama Alpha Ver0.6]

    finally made a full cover using my diffsinger voicebank. if you want to develop a diffsinger voicebank, my commission is open. you can check the details here:
  6. mangosiryan12

    [OpenUTAU/Diffsinger test] -Error [Ryan Moriyama Alpha Ver0.5]

  7. zundamonahhhh

    need help with romanji to hiragana(?)

    (openutau) not 100% if this is the solution im looking for, but zundamon won't say any letters that aren't vowels, since they're a japanese voicebank i guess. i think openutau has a built in way to translate, but idk how to make it work. do i download a plugin? help pls!!! :bigtears:
  8. Kawaiine Is Queen

    NNSVS flags?

    The tutorial I'm using doesn't have the step of turning the lab files into usts, is there still a way to add flags during labeling?
  9. Amai/Fleuron

    How to make OpenUtau phonemizer?

    Hello. I want to make a phonemizer for my Hebrew CV-VC reclist, but I have no knowledge on how to make a phonemizer for OpenUtau. Could somebody teach me or give me a tutorial on how to? The only thing that I could figure out how to create was a .yaml file for the phonemizer.
  10. JustSombody

    OpenUTAU English VB reccomendations?

    I've been trying to find some new vb that are easy to use, like Teto, since im a silly lil newbie that has no idea what their doing. I figured I can consult the forum for helps so yea show them vb's
  11. ali_cee

    Requesting Advice for "Old" UTAU User

    To preface this, I've been using UTAU since around 2012 (my first VB was CV with no oto.ini around that time, lol). I've been using OpenUTAU because it's a bit more intuitive and unfortunately due to visual issues becoming more functionally useful for me. The VB I'm using is CV from 2013 that I...
  12. Hikaruuuuun

    Somehow, in some way or another, the voicebank does this

    Somehow, in someway or another, my voicebank does this: Im using openutau, JA VCV phonemizer on a CV voicebank, with VV phonemes for smoother vowel transitions. Any other vowels seems fine, but "a i" for some reason gets somewhat static and unnatural. I tried deleting the .frq file and it wont...
  13. skrunkly62910

    List of Diffsinger voicebanks?

    I would like a list of voicebanks for Diffsinger to try out since I don't know where to find them. Most of the voicebanks I have found are masculine and I'm looking for feminine vocals. thank you!
  14. ANO

    ISO Hikyou Sentai Urotander UST/VSQ/VSQx/SVP, or even MIDI (FULL VERSION)

    Anyone have a vsq/vsqx/SVP/ust, or even a midi to the full length song, "Hikyou Sentai Urotander"? I've looked everywhere and have only gotten the short version from Project Diva. It's also known as "The Dirty and Unmanly Force Urotander" and "Urotander, Underhanded Rangers" and even "Coward...
  15. Baphobloody Goat Dream

    Moresampler Randomly Stops Rendering (OpenUtau)

    Working on an original with two tracks atm. One track is of Theory singing the majority of the vocals, but there's smaller bits that were done by another voicebank. Moresampler is in the wavtool and resampler folders for Openutau. Theory's parts all render just fine when I play things back to...
  16. rainydaze

    Namine Ritsu KIRE voicebank sounding quiet in some parts

    This is on OpenUtau by the way. Has the voicebank always been like this? Is there a way to fix this? If not, then would there be a namine ritsu voicebank that sounds powerful? (anything but the weird shout vb where he literally sounds like he's gurgling)
  17. skrunkly62910

    OpenUTAU EN ARPA phonemizer not working correctly

    Since there's literally nowhere else to discuss help topic like this, (my github account was suspended despite me never using it and the openutau reddit is private) I came here. Basically, I have an arpasing voicebank and it seems to work as normal until I want to break up the syllables of a...
  18. cubialpha

    VCCV English Tutorial (OpenUTAU) 1.0

  19. Fyshbot

    How to make Teto growl in OpenUtau?

    Hi all! I am brand new to making songs with OpenUtau in general (cause I have no luck trying to get anything to work in Utau and OpenUtau's layout is easier for me to personally work with) and I'm still learning a lot... I was wondering how I can make Teto's growl voicebank sound good in...
  20. phoenixz

    openutau growls with vibrato

    hey! im new here and new to using openutau, i saw someone say you can make a growl using vibrato but im still not sure how to do that, can someone help me?