oto commissions

  1. tango

    Looking for someone to commission for an oto.

    Hi! Nice to meet all of you. I recently got a new voice bank for one of my characters, and I want it to sound better. Whether this is by oto-ing it or by other means, I'm willing to pay whatever. ^^ I will say it is in CV format, however. I'm not sure if that will be a problem or not.... I am...
  2. GeneralNuisance

    Open PayPal OTO Cheap OTO.ini/FRQ Comms!

    CV OTO: $2CAD + $1CAD per additional pitch VCV OTO: $10CAD + $5CAD per additional pitch VC support is an extra $2.50CAD per pitch, as are romaji aliases. I'm very good at otoing VCV and can do it quickly if I'm working with an accurate base. Examples of my oto.ini work: Arachne -SCORPION-...
  3. IchiroHarukiOFFICIAL

    Open PayPal OTO Looking For 7 Mora VCV OTO Commission

    I've recently finished my new voicebank and i would like to have it oto'd. it's made with oremo by the way, 120 bpm recording.
  4. Uncommon-Aura

    Open Cheap OTO/Art/Mixing Commissions! Versed In Many VB Types

    EDIT: These are no longer emergency commissions, so this post has been updated as such! I'm now doing these commissions just to help people out and earn some extra hobby money. A few voicebank/reclist types have been removed, due to how complex and time-consuming they are to configure. There are...
  5. UchuuRing

    Open Mixing OTO Other Collaborator for Hire

    I am an upcoming UTAU user looking for some help with art for my main avatar and my three UTAUs (Madoka Watanabe (a rock voicebank and the first one planned to be released), Kazumi Kotone (an instrument UTAU with diatonic harmonica samples) and Yoshiko Yoshikawa/Gyaruko (my first UTAU idea...
  6. _dream_scape

    Closed PayPal OTO OTO Commissions ! (temporarily closed)

    TEMPORARILY CLOSED Hi ! I'm Ruby and I've decided to open up OTO commissions ! I've seen most people charge based on the type of bank (CV, CVVC, VCV, etc.) but I've decided to do a different rate; the price is $1 USD per 50 oto entries (rounded up at 30 or more). I can accept commissions for...
  7. Atlas

    PayPal OTO Other OTO commissions and more!

    I'm opening commissions for otos, voicebank conversion, usts and tuning! Prices: CV - 1$ (1$ per pitch) CVVC - 4$ (2$ per pitch) VCV - 7$ (3$ per pitch) CV to VCV - 20$ (10$ per pitch) ust - 4$ tuning on an already existing ust - 5$ ust + tuning - 9$ USD and paypal only OTO examples...
  8. HitCoder

    Open PayPal Mixing OTO HitCoder's Comissions

    Hi guys, I'm opening OTO and Mixing comissions today;; I've not opened comissions before so some things are gonna be very... unhelpful... but i'm looking for a bit of money and I'm gonna promise you quality and attention to detail, though I can't promise speed, which will also be very very...
  9. 小_Victor


  10. Lady of Hell

    Open PayPal Art Cheap DeviantART commissions available.

    Cheap Commissions available 2 current free slots (3 in total) Modeling outfits are 6 US Dollars Characters are 3 US Dollars for each character (1 additional Dollar for each revisit) Otoing varies in the amount of files in need of otoing. Animation Varies in how long the animation is...
  11. Sync_Ye

    Closed PayPal Points OTO Other YeDev's DeepVocal | UTAU Commissions {! Update !}

    Warning: If you want more detailed information, please go to my website: ST-STUDIO My name is YeDev !, I’m already in fandom for a long and long time (8 years practically), so if you came in this is why you are looking for someone to set up your Voicebank right? !, well how about taking a look...
  12. kaimiz

    Inactive PayPal Mixing OTO Kaimiz's 2019 Oto & Mixing Commissions! (Cheap, I promise!)

    CV oto = $2 +$0.75 per added pitch VCV oto = $6 +$3 per added pitch Song Mix = $1 +$0.50 per extra UTAUloid (I'm open to price negotiations!) 0:00 - 1:15 are CV oto examples! 1:15 - 2:30 are VCV oto examples! 2:30 - 3:30 are duet mixing examples! Message me on here, SoundCloud, or my Twitter...
  13. ✧ Elfrida ✧

    Inactive PayPal OTO Elfrida's OTO Commissions

    Hey! I'm really in need of money and am considering opening oto commissions. If you want to contact me then my discord is Elfrida Grey#4671, it will probably result in a quicker response than pming me on here, though you can also reply to the thread and I should respond as soon as I can. I'm...
  14. Sync_Ye

    Closed MMD OTO OTO Service per MMD Service - Re-Open (Arpasing is now accepted)

    Note: I'll leave it open until Sunday, in case I do not find anyone I'll have to try to find some time to finalize these models. Okay, what do I need? 2 of my models (one male and one female) need some settings. Adjustments in the male model: This model was exported from 3d max's but in the...
  15. Sync_Ye

    Inactive MMD OTO OTO Service per MMD Service

    First of all sorry for my bad English. it's a simple thing (but not for me apparently) I need someone to put clothes on that model (more precisely, pants, shirt and the shoes only). Rules: 1° Send me a sample of one of your works. 2° Put the creator's credits on the clothes and their textures...
  16. Sors

    Open PayPal Art Mixing OTO Sors' Comission

    Contact: SoundCloud: Sors Discord: Sors#7852 So since I could use some money, I decided to start comissions for Otoing, Tuning and Mixing. I will accept payment only through PayPal and only in Euro. Oto: CV: I will do CV for free up to 3 Pitches or Voicebanks. 4 Pitches/VBs and above...
  17. delphic

    Inactive PayPal Points Mixing OTO CV OTO.INI + cover commissions (PayPal+dA Points)

    dA journal: http://fav.me/dbv20wp Hello! I really need money so I opened these commissions! ;n; I'm willing to do an oto.ini for your Japanese CV UTAU and a full test cover to post on my channels for €2 or200, independently for the pitches (even if they are 3-4 pitches, it will be still €2!)...
  18. WinterdrivE

    Inactive PayPal OTO WinterdrivE's OTO Commissions

    Kinda in a fix right now and I need some emergency cash. I suck at art so I figure this is one of the few skills I can offer XD Here're my prices: CV: $5 +$1 per additional set CVVC: $7.50 +$2.50 per additional set VCV: $10 +$4 per additional set Arpasing: Base 120: $30 +$10 per additional set...
  19. Sync_Ye

    Closed OTO Oto VCV, CVVC,CV and VCCV for Art

    Note: just to make it clear I do not know English very well so let me know if there is anything wrong here First of all I'm just going to offer my services from oto to the styles that I already have at least a little experience: You can choose from these options (or something like that): CV -...
  20. Sync_Ye

    Closed Free Oto Commission

    I'm wanting to improve my skills in the oto, without being the method of VCV, so I'm accepting two voice banks in methods: CV, CVVC (japanese) and VCCV (Spanish). CV: 1 pitch - Japanese [Normal or Prizma] CVVC: 1 pitch - japanese VCCV: 1 Pitch Spanish (I'm not accepting voice banks in English...