1. ToastSchinkennn

    Model Erro

    I dunno how to put this, but does anyone know how to fix this? Before closing Pmx his skin looked normal but after reloading the model this happend. Tried everthing from my basic knowledge but the model still looks like that. Even in MMD. (And sorry for writing Erro, I'm kinda under stress bc...
  2. Worn-Out Shuu

    MMD I'll mix your song if you can make a model for my UTAU! *or just help me install pmx editor)

    The reason why I can't make my own model is that I am having problems with running it on my own computer. Here is a sample of my mixing. Here is an image of the UTAU I hope you can model. If you can't make the model, at least offer me help with installing PMX Editor. Any help is...
  3. irei1as

    Accessory blender to MMD addons 2015-03-11

    Blender3D is a freeware, multiplatform and open source 3D modeling (and more) tool. You can download it from A (kind of) full manual -including how to install addons- can be read in It's used by some modelers, like masisi, to make...