spanish cv

  1. ✧ Elfrida ✧

    Inactive PayPal OTO Elfrida's OTO Commissions

    Hey! I'm really in need of money and am considering opening oto commissions. If you want to contact me then my discord is Elfrida Grey#4671, it will probably result in a quicker response than pming me on here, though you can also reply to the thread and I should respond as soon as I can. I'm...
  2. YukitoYuki

    Single Reclist Spanish CV+ reclist with base oto.ini

    This is simplest possible Spanish reclist that is workable and covers all necessary ending consonants sounds and CC combination. This reclist has 156 samples only but "ll" and "z" sounds can be skipped depending on your accent. Also, in this reclist ñ=ny! Please feel free to add/remove/edit...