1. Pilot

    Trying to translate OREMO to Spanish

    Sooo I saw the translation thread and tought: "C'mon, let's try it! Let's translate OREMO to Spanish!" and well.... A few questions: Can OREMO read accent marks correctly? (á, é, í, ó, ú, Á, É, Í, Ó, Ú) Can OREMO read the ñ correctly? (ñ, Ñ) Please tell me ;_;
  2. AnimeaSPrin

    Utau's needed! VCCV eng and CVVC spn. La Llorona!

    I'm doing a cover of La Llorona! So therefore, I need some banks. Here are the available parts! Please comment down what part(s) you want! With a link to ur VB and if you have any preferred rendering put that too. Gumi's parts ENG VCCV: Taken by CZLoid. Owned by: PaintedCz Link...

    Original Urgh (Levirne feat. MAIKA)

    New song! Hope you guys enjoy, any feedback is really appreciated.
  4. Sync_Ye

    Closed PayPal Points OTO Other YeDev's DeepVocal | UTAU Commissions {! Update !}

    Warning: If you want more detailed information, please go to my website: ST-STUDIO My name is YeDev !, I’m already in fandom for a long and long time (8 years practically), so if you came in this is why you are looking for someone to set up your Voicebank right? !, well how about taking a look...
  5. Yanderu

    Trilingual VCV?

    'Ello there! I was wondering if anybody would like to beta test a reclist for me one I'm done writing it. It's a VCV-VC reclist for Tagalog, Spanish, and Japanese. However, this reclist may be longer due to the recording of the VC[CC]-C[CC]V's and some other parts. Would you guys like a reclist...
  6. YukitoYuki

    Single Reclist Spanish CV+ reclist with base oto.ini

    This is simplest possible Spanish reclist that is workable and covers all necessary ending consonants sounds and CC combination. This reclist has 156 samples only but "ll" and "z" sounds can be skipped depending on your accent. Also, in this reclist ñ=ny! Please feel free to add/remove/edit...
  7. Kitcat190

    Contest 〖AL!CE.16〗SPANISH Design Contest〖Congrats to the winners!〗

    The winners have been announced and you can view the results here: Again I cannot thank those who have contributed submissions and prizes!~<3 If you'd like a personalized comment with your score/the...
  8. Kitcat190

    〖AL!CE.16〗 Spanish DEMO 〖Design Contest in Description〗

    Heyo! So i decided to do my first ever design contest ; u ; THE ACCENT WILL BE FIXED I SWEAR You can view details (CURRENTLY DOWN) here:…15948/#post-117086 or here:…EN-683216745 VCCV reclist, Ust: Aku @akup-1 Original Song...
  9. HoneyPai

    【NITTON ft. RUKASU】I can't fix you【VCCV SPANISH】

    -NO HAY A REH GLO- POR QUEEEEEE Never tweak my oto again fren Doin me a "reh" glo Be wise when tweaking your oto kids, otherwise you will **** it up And your utau will say a "reh" glo This was actually just supposed to be a test to see if I can translate vccv english usts to vccv spanish. Seems...
  10. Vickyloid


    She have little brother- Ƨamuel. Her birthday is 8th March. Her favourite color is light violet. She have genderbend- VICTORoid. Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue and purple Nationality/Race: Unknown Personality: She's a little bit crazy person.
  11. YukitoYuki

    OREMO Recording Package Spanish VCV (Pupu's version) BETA

    Hola (Hello)! Pupuomena has made a BETA version of Spanish VCV! (I call this beta cuz I have not recorded an actual example VB... So few things MIGHT be off here and there, so, be aware of that! Feedbacks are appreciated!) This recording back includes in: - recording list (as .txt, .rtf and...
  12. idol

    Looking for other-language reclists!

    I'm mostly looking for korean and chinese reclists but i'd love to also work with spanish! I mostly just wanna see which reclists you guys reccomend!
  13. ☆彡иα∂ιѕ☆彡

    Would anybody be willing to do a Spanish Cover of Drop Pop Cand with me? c:

    I've been looking for somebody to do a cover with for a while tbh.. and I finally decided what I wanted to do :D I decided I'd do a Spanish Cover of Drop Pop candy cx I'll be using these lyrics: Singer Audition Form: Name or Username: Language: Gender: Voice sample or video: You don't have...
  14. D


    Genres- Probably will sound best with pop songs, cutesy songs, or jazzy songs. Current Voicebanks- Bipitch VCV, Dove append, English (wip), English sounds can be combined with Base bank to sing in spanish. Recommended Resampler- TN_FNDS Character Information- Tenoxoc was a human that lived...
  15. S

    best reclist?

    I was curious, I'm interested in exploring other languages in UTAU and was wondering what the current best reclists for Spanish, French, Chinese and German are? I've just seen so many different ones floating around and some are CVVC, VCCV (?), etc, and wasn't sure which is best to go off of...
  16. Cheese

    【Spanish VCV Release!!】irony【Ham】

    totally forgot to post here n VO haha oops ^q^^^;;
  17. SpanishPandaHero

    【UTAU VCCV Spanish (Español)】 La Camisa Negra【Koru Fivet】+ sub english

    Testing Koru's spanish VCCV vb!
  18. WretchedKalamity

    Inactive Need an oto fix for a cvvc spanish bank!

    so, I just recorded a cvvc spanish for my utau R-poid, it's fully aliased and prefix mapped to work, I just need the oto to be fixed up, it's not TOO far off and should be relatively not too hard to fix, so yeah, I would really hope that one of you can help me ^U^ what I can give: Art Models...
  19. ClockworkSinger

    Single Reclist Sandr's Spanish CV VC Reclist 1

    I updated my Spanish CVVC reclist and decided it would be a good time to post it here with a demo. The link below is to a .zip folder with the reclist, blank oto, and a handy pronunciation guide. The list is about 290 samples long so it's pretty easy to record more than one pitch. Also, it...
  20. Adrian


    Adrian, God Heir of Time, child of the Goddess Daatura. Wolfsbane the frog is Adrian's trusted best friend and companion. Their eyes are each an elliptical galaxy.