1. GeneralNuisance

    Is someone willing to help me with or fix my bank's FRQs?

    I've been taking all the advice. I've used the plugin to edit the FRQs. I used fresamp11 to initialize them. I looked at the troublesome samples and the FRQ map looks fine. But I'm still getting what appears to be FRQ errors on the E4 pitch of this voicebank. C4 and A3 are fine FRQ-wise. I am...
  2. GeneralNuisance

    Does anyone know how to fix these issues (strained sounds/silent notes for no particular reason)?

    Okay, so I'm making my first UTAU VB for public release - a multipitch VCV voicebank. After finishing the base pitch (C4), I decided to test it, noticed I was having issues with audio peaking (which reduces the audio quality), rerecorded and re-oto'd the appropriate samples, and then tested it...
  3. Mary_Flower

    How to download voicebanks on Mac?

    I want to download more voicebanks but all the tutorials I have seen are in the windows version or they are 3 years old. Hopefully, there's someone that will be able to help me figure this out. Thanks for reading :wink:
  4. D

    UTAU Suddenly not working. "Invalid Property Value"

    First I'd like to preface this by making clear that I am not a new UTAU user. Although this is my first post on this site, I've actually been using the software for years, and I am rather experienced with it. I bring that up because from what I can tell, this doesn't seem to be a very regular...
  5. GeneralNuisance

    Is it possible to run UTAU from a USB flashdrive?

    My computer just doesn't have much room. I installed UTAU on my laptop (which runs Windows 10), and while I've gotten it to run just fine, I'm concerned about it taking up too much space. I'm wondering if moving its folder in Program Files (x86) to a USB stick (as well as any USTs, VBs, etc)...
  6. GeneralNuisance

    All of my hiragana are showing up as "ス"? Can someone help?

    Hi, so I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. So, basically, when I'm looking at a premade hiragana UST or when I've converted any romaji to hiragana using iroiro2, it always shows up as "ス". Just to knock out the obvious questions, my locale was and is set to Japan during download...
  7. Axiomatic-Vertex

    How do I change my signature?

    I've looked through all the profile settings and I can't find any option to make or change a signature. I am aware that you need to post in a thread at least once in order to not be seen as a spam bot and therefore allow you access to extra settings or something along those lines Thanks for...
  8. TrikiNya


    I changed the locale for UTAU, but the only character I can input is "あ", which is exactly how I feel right now! Please tell me: how do I fix this? :cry:
  9. K

    Oto.ini not reading files

    Hi, apologies in advance if there's already a thread on this, but whenever I put my voicebank into utau, it shows me this: even though I have an oto.ini with set parameters. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
  10. Monochrome Rose

    "Unexpected Error" randomly showing up while pitchbending

    I rarely tune, but this time I tried to do all the work myself. Problem? Whenever I make a control point for a pitchbend, there's a slight chance that UTAU will randomly show me an "unexpected error" popup that won't go away no matter how many time I click any button available. I can't save my...
  11. melobuniiP

    Inactive PayPal Art Other I support Houston +Redbubble

    --- Hello bunnies! I drew this piece for Houston and donations for Houston Food bank! recent-owner other towns has been devastated by hurricane Harvey around the last two weeks of August. Especially my town in SE Texas and SW Louisiana. Please buy any products available for this piece if you...
  12. H


    This isn't my first post but I thought I would post my youtube channel and we can all subscribe to eachother! If you want, leave your channel link, and I'll subscribe