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  1. Hentai

    DeepVocal & SynthV | Friends of UTAU

    In accordance with our initial outline of loving all singing synthesizers and wanting to encourage discussion in emerging synths once software has enough posts in Multiple / Other Synths to show there is interest in it, we will create new subforms specifically dedicated to that software. I...
  2. NegaiUta

    Cover [Eleanor Forte Lite] Faded [Synthesizer V Studio Cover]

    All credits are in the description of the video! I really enjoyed using SynthV Studio, luckily the VSQx wasn't more than 3 tracks! I really like this song and I'm happy that I could cover it with Eleanor.
  3. Litrex

    Help downloading Synth V

    I hope I can post this here. When i try to download the windows version of Synth V, it redirects me back to the original site. Is this intentional, or is there another way I can download it, I'm going for the basic edition
  4. HoodyP2

    Original 【Eleanor Forte】Fiction Getaway 【Synth V Original Song】

    So, I'm just gonna post my newly created original song here bc I don't know where I could promote it (other than the SynthV forums) so here... Enjoy my weird song! The inst, acapella, written lyrics and S5P files are in the Audiomack site's description.
  5. OfficialR Productions

    Multi-Synth [UTAU, Vocaloid, SINSY, Emvoice, DeepVocal, Synth V] Stars On 45 - Beatles Medley [VOCAL SYNTH COVER

    yeah this was a whole ass bop
  6. OfficialR Productions

    Cover eleanor rigby but it's by eleanor forte (the beatles cover)

  7. Gin-Kaido

    Critique Requested 【SynthV】Life - Yamine Renri【闇音レンリ】

    This take a week to complete coz I felt this must be better than I did before. Even though there were some mistakes, I really happy with the result. (What a motivational song) Credits Original : Tamaazu-P ft. Hatsune Miku Append Illust : Wakuraba UST : Haichou Mix : Me Renri : EyesOnly Hope...
  8. MuddaAsian

    Cover 君がいる世界へ 一花依世界 (One Flower in the World) ft. Yamine Renri [SynthV Cover]

    I finally started using SynthV since nowadays I just keep using Yamine Renri. I wanted to make a cover on a song that was so popular in Bilibili and Chinese Vocaloids in general (Luo Tianyi originally sang this) yet there were little to no covers in japanese for both vocaloids and utauloids. I...
  9. UTAUsteven

    Someday i'll find my way home +DL cover :D

  10. UTAUsteven

    Someday i'll find my way home - Eleanor Forte test

    idk if i can publish this here but i made this cover :D
  11. NegaiUta

    Cover 【SYNTHESIZER V COVER】Cendrillon【Yamine Renri + GENBU】

    I just got synthv and im having a good time using it!
  12. Alpaxa

    Critique Requested Yeet another cover I did.

    I'm actually super proud of myself for this. Synth V is a nicer program but like I still think I did well.
  13. Gin-Kaido

    Critique Requested 【25 UTAU + 1 SynthV】VOCALOID Bossa Nova Medley 【Cover】

    I really excited when it came out and I not think again to immediately make this cover. It took a long time to find UTAU that fits this song but all the effort has been paid. there are still shortcomings in this cover but I really like the results. I hope you like it... Video Audio UTAU &...
  14. Miawerz

    Original 【Original Song】Shadows ft. Eleanor Forte 【Synth V】

    hey ya'll i've finally finished a song for the first time! so some time in october i randomly thought of making a spooky song cuz why not lol i'm very much a beginner in making music so any feedback and constructive criticism are welcome! hope ya'll like it ^w^