1. Diongoespew!

    Does anyone know any good engine for making your own text to speech in english?

    I mean like similar to Talqu but for English or something that allows you to make your own text to speech box? Bonus points for any similarities to UTAU or other voice snyths where you can share your vb. I highly doubt theirs one like this out there, but I'm highly interested to see! T_T
  2. HoodyP39

    TALQu - An Unofficial English guide thread on TALQu and it's voice model creation.

    Hey guys, HoodyP here! Recently, on 24th of December 2021, Haruqa (creator of TALQu) initiated the "Lightning Project Challenge" where the goal of the challenge was for people to create a TALQu model within a week. The point of the challenge, according to Haruqa, was to in fact, "reach a...
  3. feelingiconiic

    How to create a TALQu voice?

    I'm wanting to create a speech voicebank for my UTAU Jade using TALQu, but I have to clue where to start? Does anyone know what to do?