technical issues

  1. Elon Satoshi

    There's a code hidden in the lyrics of Encryption - D by AVTechNO

    Some people on r/codes and r/translator helped me decrypt and translate the message, but sadly, I accidentally deleted those posts while cleaning up my Reddit account. Here is a reddit post and a wiki page I edited detailing the code in the lyrics...
  2. GeneralNuisance

    How do I use the "Pick up minimum voices for UST file" feature in SetParam?

    I wanna test out a bank's tone by testing it with a UST I have, before deciding if I wanna complete the oto or re-record. How do I specify the UST that I want? I don't see any button to open up the file explorer and dig around.
  3. GeneralNuisance

    SetParam won't save an oto or let me edit

    When I try to save, it gives me a "cannot create directory" error. I can't edit because while the oto.ini window functions properly, I cannot see the wave form or spectrum of the sound I want to oto.
  4. GeneralNuisance

    Is someone willing to help me with or fix my bank's FRQs?

    I've been taking all the advice. I've used the plugin to edit the FRQs. I used fresamp11 to initialize them. I looked at the troublesome samples and the FRQ map looks fine. But I'm still getting what appears to be FRQ errors on the E4 pitch of this voicebank. C4 and A3 are fine FRQ-wise. I am...
  5. GeneralNuisance

    Does anyone have a translation of the how-to manual for frqeditor?

    Trying to make editing FRQs as quick and painless as possible on a VCV tripitch. Buttons across bottom in frqeditor do nothing. I just want to know how to get this done quickly and get rid of these FRQ errors. So far, I've just gone with editing the mrqs and then converting them into frqs since...
  6. GeneralNuisance

    Does anyone know how to fix these issues (strained sounds/silent notes for no particular reason)?

    Okay, so I'm making my first UTAU VB for public release - a multipitch VCV voicebank. After finishing the base pitch (C4), I decided to test it, noticed I was having issues with audio peaking (which reduces the audio quality), rerecorded and re-oto'd the appropriate samples, and then tested it...
  7. GeneralNuisance

    Is there some sort of extended frq editor?

    The one that comes with UTAU does not like me. The window is cropped weird, so I can't use any buttons along the bottom left and editing frqs is generally just very time consuming. Is there some sort of extended frq editor I can use to make this faster and easier? An English UI would also be a...
  8. himedereangel

    All UTAU won't sign just certain USTs, but others are fine?

    So I've tried my hand at making some covers, and the problem is, I've found that around half of the USTs I use just don't work? I'll do everything like use the plugin of romaji to hiragana so the UTAU can read it, and fit the UST to the UTAU by doing all the region property settings and whatnot...
  9. D

    UTAU Suddenly not working. "Invalid Property Value"

    First I'd like to preface this by making clear that I am not a new UTAU user. Although this is my first post on this site, I've actually been using the software for years, and I am rather experienced with it. I bring that up because from what I can tell, this doesn't seem to be a very regular...
  10. GeneralNuisance

    All of my hiragana are showing up as "ス"? Can someone help?

    Hi, so I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. So, basically, when I'm looking at a premade hiragana UST or when I've converted any romaji to hiragana using iroiro2, it always shows up as "ス". Just to knock out the obvious questions, my locale was and is set to Japan during download...
  11. Monochrome Rose

    "Unexpected Error" randomly showing up while pitchbending

    I rarely tune, but this time I tried to do all the work myself. Problem? Whenever I make a control point for a pitchbend, there's a slight chance that UTAU will randomly show me an "unexpected error" popup that won't go away no matter how many time I click any button available. I can't save my...
  12. Sagami Riku

    Help, please, UTAU doesn't play any note

    Hi, all. I'm a newbie in UTAU and here, I'm not sure if it's against the rules to post here without previously introducing yourself on the Introductions forum, but I really need help. I installed the UTAU software just yesterday, but since then I've been getting this error message every time I...
  13. XxTheOtakunessxX

    Utau Problems???

    So, this hasn't happened before and it recently started a few days ago. When I try to make any utau sing, the minute the lyrics include the syllable "ん”, the program immediately crashes and shuts down, and it doesn't matter what utau I use. I've checked all these voicebanks, they all have that...
  14. Skiyoshi 十三

    Resamplers Don't Work Anymore?

    So I'm unsure if this is a Windows 10 issue or not, but I recently have this problem of none of my resamplers working anymore. (besides Moresampler, dunno why.) I've very recently updated my computer, an update called Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems...
  15. eternalNoob

    do normal utau voicebanks work in utau synth?

    going to college and backing up my stuff to take with me when i realized that the laptop my college is giving me is a macbook air! normally i'd be thrilled to have such a cool thing but i realized that utau is a windows program and i will have to use utau synth. i have noticed that when i...