1. Susumu Abe

    Susumu Abe

    Susumu was born to highly conservative Christian parents in the suburbs of California. Susumu had many restrictions growing up, and he fought to bypass them all the time. He found solace in programs on VH1 and MTV, and music that his friends introduced him to. When Susumu was 16, he discovered...
  2. Souma Kagyakune

    Souma Kagyakune

    Souma is a Japanese orphan who lost his parents in a house fire when he was 4 years old. He was taken to the closest orphanage in New Orleans, and was cared for by a woman named Carla Kassamali. Under her care, he learned many things about Voodoo, and her knowledge was passed onto him. He...
  3. Pluto


    A 14 year old boy who goes by the stage name Pluto, real name Lawrence Tombaugh. He currently lives with the rest of the musical group, Planetary Motion, where he is the youngest. Very shy and reluctant to interact with other people unless prompted. He keeps to himself, and likes to spend time...
  4. Aux

    Open Searching for and UTAU Voice Provider!

    I'm looking for a tenor voice provider for my UTAU. The Voice Bank would be a VCV Japanese bank and possibly a future English bank. Please contact me if you're interested!
  5. Kamui Yamada

    Kamui Yamada

    Kamui is the youngest brother in his family, he's cocky, loud, and come on a bit strong at times. He is very proud of his abysmal accomplishments, and likes to think of himself as independent even though he lives with his brothers. Cover image by Alegotic Twelve CVVC/VCV Mono...
  6. Naoki Amano

    Naoki Amano

    Amano Naoki official HP Currently has activities as a 1st generation member of Japanese kemono idol group kemonomichi44. First released in 2014, has received a number of voicebanks. Official name and design were overhauled in early 2019.* Twitter | Merchandise - *Formerly known as uchuu...