1. René Baudelaire

    René Baudelaire

    René has been raised by a teenage mother his whole life. Depsite her being so young, she decided to be mature and actually strived to give René the best possible childhood she could. René honors his mother in every way, and is one of the only people on the planet he's nice to. He makes his...
  2. Gallium


    Not much can be said about this 19-year-old. He acquired the name Gallium from the fact that he "melts" under his emotions and the abnormal hair color he sports.
  3. Hinaya Nurune

    Hinaya Nurune

    Hinaya was born to an angel father and a demon mother. While his parents are outgoing and boisterous, Hinaya has always been reserved and not emotive. He was raised in a wealthy household, but was taught to be humble, and thus became generous and polite. Hinaya requested to venture into the...
  4. Dorian.


    Ruthlessly merciful. Very quiet, rather childish. Wants more than anything to win back a place in heaven.
  5. Susumu Abe

    Susumu Abe

    Susumu was born to highly conservative Christian parents in the suburbs of California. Susumu had many restrictions growing up, and he fought to bypass them all the time. He found solace in programs on VH1 and MTV, and music that his friends introduced him to. When Susumu was 16, he discovered...
  6. Souma Kagyakune

    Souma Kagyakune

    Souma is a Japanese orphan who lost his parents in a house fire when he was 4 years old. He was taken to the closest orphanage in New Orleans, and was cared for by a woman named Carla Kassamali. Under her care, he learned many things about Voodoo, and her knowledge was passed onto him. He...
  7. Lapin


    Created in a hospital laboratory, lapin and null work together to sing to soothe patients.
  8. Null


    Created in a hospital laboratory, lapin and null work together to sing to soothe patients. The older of the two, null acts brave but is secretly a bit of a scardy cat. Tries to be a reliable senpai-type.
  9. SparkyPsychc

    Closed Art Searching for a female vp! Will offer digital art!

    Hello! It's been around 2 years since i've kinda left this forum for... Some reason. Okay, so i'm looking for a female voice provider for my utau (if it got voiced, that is). More precisely, a bright, strong, screamy rockish voice, since she's kinda supposed to be a rock vocalist. I would...
  10. KotoneSound

    Having Issues With Playback for Tripitch

    So I recorded a Tripitch Japanese VCV VB a handful of months ago and slowly was getting it oto-ed. Eventually, I gave in and commissioned someone to oto it. They sent the oto files for each pitch in the proper folder and I moved all of the original files over except my old otos. The problem is...
  11. Daichi Akiyama

    Daichi Akiyama

    年齢/Age: 21歳 身長/Height: 175cm 性別/Sex: 男子/Male (Transgender) 好き/Likes: Quiet time, reading, knitting and baking. 嫌い/Dislikes: Stupidity, flirting, bright colors, people that are loud and obnixous. Sexuality: Gay Boyfriend: PAISAN (UTAU) Character Item: Rose —- 秋山大智 ROUGE Information...
  12. Utaka

    [UTAU Cover] Love Me, Love Me, Love Me [Uta Hitsune ACT3]

    Good evening! I made a new cover with my UTAU just after discovering the music. I thought directly to make Uta sings above and I'm not disappointed with the result, maybe there will be a Youtube version ...? (Sorry for my bad english) Music: Love me, Love me, Love me (Aishite Aishite Aishite...
  13. Yozane

    【Yozane Iimo CVVC II】Rolling Girl

    Hi all! I am actually proud of my Potato here! She do the scream and the sing! Credits: Song:WOWAKA FT Hatsune Miku Ust/tuning: @renjitakuma Scream ust: @kimchi UTAU: Yozane Iimo CVVC II Tripitch mix: @fuyushinju Art: Herzig
  14. Juni Yukine

    Juni Yukine

    Juni is the main characters I created for a manga that I hope to produce, currently in the form of UTAU group. HISTORY: At the age of 17 years old, Juni committed suicide. He is the second to have been brought back to life by CREATOR, for unknown reasons... However it is very important for...
  15. Yozane

    【UTAUカバー 】HOPE【Yozane Iimo】

    I have been dying to cover this song for ages!!! I hope it tuned out okay!! ◆Vocals ◆ Yozane Iimo CVVC JPN + CVVC JPN WHISPER ◆ust ◆ @konran-p ◆Mix ◆ @yozane ◆Original ◆ Yuyouppe ◆Yozane Iimo ◆ @Yozane ◆Art ◆ @hello_chainsaws
  16. Yozane

    【UTAUカバー 】ERROR【Yozane Iimo CVVC II】

    I don't have much to say, except I really like this song. Song: ERROR Niki FT Lily Ust: Zilliloid UTAU: Yozane Iimo CVVC II Tripitch Mix: Yozane Art: Pixie
  17. Aria Undine

    Aria Undine

    ★ C H A R A C T E R I N F O ★ Aria is bright and cheerful, and has very little attachment to the past. They easily welcome change and keep an open mind. They are hard to anger, but they have a tendency to hold grudges. They are strong willed and never give up on their goals. Read more about...
  18. Yozane

    【UTAUカバー 】The Snow White Princess Is【Yozane Iimo CVVC II】

    IDK if I will ever give this bank out seeing as it's pretty rough, but I like the low tones she has now. Sorry if the mix is off, my headphones are dying. Credits: Song: Snow white princess is UST: Kream UTAU: Yozane Iimo CVVC II Mix: Yozane Art: Myst
  19. Yozane

    【UTAU DEMO 】サイハテ【Yozane Iimo CVVC II 】

    Another Demo for Iimo's New vb! HoneyPai Finished the oto for Iimo's new bank and I love it!! I hope you guys like Iimo's new bank, I am trying really to get the best bank I can for Iimo. This one has a more natural voice for me. Better pitch transition, clearer sounds, and better...
  20. Yozane

    【UTAU DEMO 】Soleil【Yozane Iimo CVVC II 】

    HI GUYS !! WELL, I finally have all three pitches recorded! THIS OTO ISN'T Final. It is being worked on by the wonderful Honeypai! I am not used to Iimo having this deep voice (Not even that deep but its deep for meeeeee) I hope you guys like it! Credits: UST and Tuning: @k-o-w-a-r-e-t-a Mix...