1. melobuniiP

    USAGI's Originals

    Hello bunnies, I want to share my UTAU originals!! I hope you like them! :love: - Here are my Buniimix!! I remake songs!
  2. melobuniiP

    UtaForum USAGI 3.0 PACK

    Hello bunnies! I'm here to show you some examples of USAGI 3.0! I only used 3.0 and Harlequin! After my power comes back on(I was hit by Laura) I'll do Havana and fix Rex! I hope you'll enjoy her new voicebanks!! ❤️
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    Hello everyone! On June 12, 2019. Stre and I have released USAGI stickers on redbubble! They're are $2.47 USD each! You can buy in bundle or separately! RB:
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    USAGI SC Playlist [NEW SC]

    I made a new soundcloud account so I won't be associated with ""melobunii". I have downloaded and reuploaded all USAGI covers I've made so far and created a new playlist. I will also be uploading remix covers I made called, "BuniiMix". I have 4 songs in the making, SeleP songs of course! Get...
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    Since it’s October I figured I’d do Halloween songs all month! Usagi turned yandere on me because I neglected her using miku and luka, oop! - Music & Lyrics by Melobunii-P Usagi voiced and own by Melobunii-P Get Usagi here ⬇⬇⬇⬇
  6. melobuniiP

    【UTAUカバー】The Secret Garden【USAGI】

    Ust: masao mixing: melobunii Original singer: Hatsune Miku
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    Usagi JACKRABBIT Demos

    VCV Oto'd by @SubaruTheCake
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    Usagis covers