ust help

  1. rainydaze

    Can someone test out if this UST works? it's a UST I made on OpenUtau since I keep having difficulties with UTAU. I can't open this one on UTAU. This only happens with USTs I made btw. USTs made by others work fine. I just wanted to see if it works for...
  2. rainydaze

    Can't import MIDI file in to make UST, HELP!!

    I didn't have this problem before. I tried with 2 different midi files and both of them won't open in utau. When I try to import a midi file a pop-up that says "unexpected error: bad file name or number" in japanese appears. I tried converting the midi file to a ust file on a website but it says...
  3. bluemulethekikuoexpert

    can some one help me find this ust file

    can someone help me find the ust file for shonen shonen island . i dont want it for r-18 reasons but i want it as a joke so can some one either make it or find it please
  4. rainydaze

    Can't open MIDI file to make UST

    I didn't have this problem before. When I try to import the midi file I made of the melody it says something about invalid number or something in japanese.
  5. m-miyu

    can u use rar files as usts

    so most downloadable usts become rar files is that because mediafire like cant read it and converts it to a rar file or can you use rar files in utau in that case how?
  6. YuiTheKitsune

    Some UST's I download have a romaji letter before the hirigana and my UTAU wont sing it unless i remove it by hand

    So I recently started using UTAU software and stuff and some of the USTs I find will have a romaji letter before the Hirigana letter and my UTAU wont sing it unless I remove the romaji. Ive tried using the converter but that dosent do anything on these USTs. Is there any way i can get rid of...
  7. pyokiri.o

    [Help] Caprice Cast UST

    Hi guys!! Can you please help me locate a UST file for this song? I think it was taken down by the original author. So i'm also willing to commission for a UST Been really obsessed with it and would love to tune this lol you can drop your ust commission prices below!! :] > Author of the UST?
  8. Sapphire Bright

    How can I make a UTAU sing right(re-installation corruption)

    Hi guys, I tried asking once but, it wasn't very helpful that's why I decided asking again, giving clearer details: I installed the App according to many tutorials right (setting my locale to japan, moving the folder to documents, and starting in administrator-mode), but everytime I put my...
  9. Kililex

    Friday Night Funkin Ust's

    Where can I get all of Friday funkin usts songs I wanna vocaloid them since someone is taking forever to do it on youtube idk how to use utau either I just got it today and looking at tutorials
  10. xshugarrx

    New MIDI ust has strange vibrato on blank notes

    imported a midi, and some blank (as in, no vibrato or pitchbends added) notes have a strange vibrato to them. this has been happening outside of using midi, even when creating ust's from scratch. it happens with all vb's, so I'm left to assume it's utau. I've "fit" the ust to the bank quite a...
  11. matkarico

    USTs have extra letters and numbers in lyrics

    im trying to use some USTs but the lyrics have things like "A3" or "G3", and then the UTAU cant sing it. what does it do? is there a way to fix this?
  12. chillydog

    Having problems with USTs

    Heyo, super newbie here just got utau last night I'm having trouble with ust files, I changed my locale to Japanese so hiragana works but I can't get my utauloids to sing most of the time. Something specifically weird is that when using picorimori's lagtrain ust, the only file that doesn't show...
  13. W

    help with notes/sound

    Hello :smile:, I'm new to Utau and I've decided to make a song cover using someone's ust. However, one of the notes is "o K" which is the second syllable of "boku" and no such word/sound(?) exists in the VB. I've tried to replace it with "o く" but it sounds too delayed since i just need the k...
  14. A

    UST timing goes wrong when converted to VCV

    I was told to post here for help instead of the intros page. I'm currently making my first UST. I'm having problems with the timing. The timing is okay when I put it on CV however, when I use the lyric diphoniser input to convert to VCV, the timing is all wrong. Syllables seem to overlap each...
  15. A

    Hello! I'm new to utau! I have some newbie questions,

    I'm only days old on UTAU. I'm trying to create my first UST however, I have some questions. I kept on hearing about otoing. What is otoing? I downloaded Mawarine Shuu's VB and found out it has breath samples. How do i add this to my UST? Thank you so much! ^_^
  16. maisofia

    I can't play UST

    Hello, I'm fairly new to UTAU and I downloaded a UST ( I believe it's CV type). The thing is I tried the trick w/ selecting notes, clearing the preutterance and overlap & STP, using various combinations of RESET, ACPT and P2P3. I wanted to use Crecia Selestewa so I clicked on Diphonizer to fit...
  17. Mikunology

    UST not working

    ah, it's me again. ^^" I'm working on a cover of the song Missile Killer, and the UST for the main vocals work perfectly fine, but when I open the harmony vocals they make no sound, regardless of what voicebank or resampler I'm using. The UST is originally CV and was converted to VCV, but even...
  18. RayRayRisin

    Can't fit to UST

    Well, no point in beating around the bush here; I converted a VSQx from VOCALOID V4 to UST, and I followed the instructions to do this to the letter, but I can't fit the UTAUloid to the UST! I created the VSQx myself in V4 (via my friend as he purchased it a while back and taught me the basics...
  19. Redbunny

    Um hi...i need help with using utau

    So I'm completely new to this since I just got a laptop and it's windows 10, I've downloaded UTAU but I' don't know how to fix anything I have Voicebanks and USTs that I've imported from my hard drive but all the voicebanks are in gibberish and I can't use them. I've tried following this...
  20. Kazumimi

    Tips for First Time UST Makers?

    I've been working on making my first UST using the frequency tracer plugin, and I was curious if you all had any advice for first time UST makers like myself. I'm more than familiar with the actual tuning process in UTAU, but could definitely use advice in the actual creation of the UST...