1. wystopia

    utau-synth: how to remove green bars?

    how do you remove the green bars at the top?
  2. feelingiconiic

    Voicebank JADE

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  3. JADE


    JADE is a vocal synthesis project using the androgynous, adolescent vocals of sixteen year old FeelingIconiic. This project is dedicated to speech and singing synthesis utilizing the English and Japanese languages, as well as the virtual vocalist character that represents this project. ■...
  4. trashcanwife

    UTAU-Synth how to import ust to multiple chanels?

    Hello. im a new mac user and im recently using UTAU-synth. I noticed that i can use multiple chanels when making usts, just like vocaloid. But im not sure if its possible to import diferent ust files into diferent chanels on the same project, like main and harmonies and stuff. I tried many ways...
  5. feelingiconiic

    Voicebank SuMAIKO [Deleted]

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  6. feelingiconiic

    UTAU-Synth suffix broker not working correctly (VCV to CV specifically)

    So of course UTAU-Synth is a mess, but as of now i have a CV voicebank that i want to use for the Virgo .UST by half-a-head, but its in VCV. I tried using suffix broker and all it did was make the lyrics blank (images attached) . I have a couple of USTs that ive tried converting VCV to CV that...
  7. feelingiconiic

    Voicebank SETSUKO Vocal Library [Deleted]

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  8. Shadowespio

    Adding lyrics in utau-synth

    Is there any way I can download USTs that already have lyrics in them? I'm new to this so I think it'd be easier to try tuning for the first time with lyrics, so that I'm able to learn the basics before doing my own stuff. If this isn't possible, then I totally get that too.
  9. Tozzy

    Why does UTAU-Synth crash when i use USTs? (not every single one)

    It doesn't happen with all USTs but the ones that do either immediately crash or it plays for a few seconds then crashes. I don't know what's causing it so, if you know why then please let me know ;w; I wanna cover wah wah world.
  10. Tozzy

    I have 2 questions actually-

    Hello, it's me Lizzy AKA Tozzy. I downloaded the most recent UTAU-Synth update and was wondering where do you get the license key at? my second question is: I went to open up oremo and it said it needed to be updated (most likely cause I updated my mac laptop to macOS Catalina 10.15.5) so do...
  11. AngelFluffy123

    Utau-Synth avatar image won't load

    Hi! So I finished making my utau and wanted to add an avatar/image to it. I can't find a tutorial on how to do it for an utau-synth utau. I've added the character.txt in the folder, with the character.txt file having image=(utau name).bmp But everytime I open the utau in utau-synth, it never...
  12. gh0stluv

    UTAU-SYNTH playback off pitch / wrong speed while using airpods?

    i'm using UTAU-SYNTH on a mac and i'm trying to make a UST from scratch with namine ritsu's normal voicebank, but when i listen to what i have on UTAU with airpods it's a different pitch and speed than when i listen through my mac's speakers. with airpods, the pitch is higher and speed is...
  13. Charis

    Advice for a Classical Voicebank

    Hi all, I am a new Utau creator and am looking for some advice on something (seemingly) a bit niche. I am a trained classical/operatic singer, with a naturally high voice. I haven’t seen too much advice regarding recording for different voice types, and what I have read is inconclusive. I’ve...
  14. spacey

    How to alias my vb for use in UTAU-SYNTH

    I know this is something you have to do so that people on mac can use your vb but i dont know how to do it and cant find any tutorials.
  15. Chii-Bii

    Mac Oremo Help!!: Bad Directory

    So, after reinstalling Oremo, it finally worked properly! Anyways, I recently finished recording a VCV voicebank for Mirai and I wanted to generate an oto for her so that I had a base to work with. So I do what I need to do to generate one and then I click the button to make an oto, and it...
  16. SiroUsagi

    Saving Alias on GenEdit

    Hello. I am thinking if there's anyways that I could save the Alias on the GenEdit. I am getting tired of having to restart editing thousands of alias everytime I enter. Thanks:uhuhu:
  17. Nohkara

    The future of UTAU-Synth: compatibility in future Mac OS

    EDIT2: Today’s 22 February 2021 and I have an update regarding Big Sur: multiple people have reported that UTAU-Synth doesn’t work on Mac OS 11 Big Sur. Unless an official update is released by Ameya, UTAU-Synth works officially only in following operating systems: From 10.5 (Leopard) to 10.15...
  18. Shizukana Yuki

    Could somebody with Yamine Renri on UTAU-Synth render this for me?

    Sorry, I really didn't know what category to put this in. I've been wanting to redo an old Yamine Renri cover because the mix was terrible, but I deleted UTAU-Synth from my Mac somewhere along the line and when I try to redownload it all I get is "403 FORBIDDEN". And I hear that you can't open a...
  19. Nohkara

    How to make Mac UTAU voicebank compatible for Windows users

    When you are making a voicebank in Mac, there are few things that you should take a note before release it "as that". UTAU that are made/configured in Windows will always run normally in Mac UTAU as long as UTAU's voicebank data is NOT exe file. So for all Windows user: instead of exe file...
  20. gahatameiji

    utau-synth voicebank help (SOLVED!)

    so im trying to get gahata meiji's and kasane teto's voicebanks to work.. ive unzipped the files correctly but im not sure how to get them into the program. ive seen people say to put the unzipped folders in Library>Utau>voice, but that doesnt exist on my computer. i have the english-patched...