1. feelingiconiic

    UTSU "VOCALOID" Custom Color Scheme

    Just a custom color scheme for UTSU. Nothing special, just mimics the old VOCALOID2~4 software interfaces. To install this, launch UTSU, go to preferences under the "File" tab, and go to color scheme. Then, go to the gear icon and click import. Select the .txt file and click apply. Then you're...
  2. OfficialR Productions

    Critique Requested corona / yuganda koe ft. hakaine maiko / utau

    my mixing is shit bye please give me feedback
  3. Lethe

    UTSU - A cross-platform vocal synth frontend

    Hi all! For the last year or so I've been working on a program called UTSU, (unofficially short for UTAU-ish Thingy with Some Updates.) It's similar to the other UTAU clones that have been floating around recently, but I think it stands out because of its relative lack of new ideas and...
  4. Mrs.Peach

    ASDR: UTAU VCCV English Album

    Hello! So far ☆ASDR☆ has raised around $250 for befrienders.org and this is fantastic. We have been running for 2 years now and I think we should celebrate ourselves! So to do this we are going to expand the net a little bit further and gather some new resources. ☆ASDR☆ or...