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  1. chiisai

    Looking for voice provider for kire VCV

    I can take any voice type, but I’m mostly Looking for a Deep feminine voice provider to do KIRE vcv and a vccv English voicebank (other languages are welcomed too). I’m currently working on her artwork but I can describe what voice type I’m looking for. something along the lines of like the utau...
  2. AzoSBear

    [UTAU Original + Human Vocal] My Name is Maria

    Song by AzoSBear Vocals: Azo Sorabara [English VCCV] AZO-BA [Derivative English VCCV] Iso Kyobara [Derivative English VCCV] Maria (Vo. AzoSBear) Lyrics: (Iso Kyobara) I must purge this illness from this [UNIVERSE] Marked by the rose I must achieve The completion of my purpose (Maria) Who...
  3. aplusod

    [WIP] Looking for feedback on a VCCV english cover, and for VCCV english UTAU recommendations

    It's been a long time since I last used this forum so hopefully this is the right place for feedback on WIPs. sorry if it's not;; I wrote some translyrics of Giga's Ready Steady recently and figured "Well this will be my yearly UTAU cover" but little did I realize that the UST was in like 11...
  4. L

    Need help putting configured reclist into UTAU software

    Hey there! New to this forum but I need some help. I’ve been following CZ’s VCCV English tutorial to the letter and ran into some problems with SetParam. So I’ve configured the whole reclist, but have no clue how to actually import this into UTAU itself. I’ve tried moving one or two files into...
  5. IchiroHarukiOFFICIAL

    Best Resamplers For VCCV English?

    What would be the best resampler for a male VCCV English voicebank recorded on A4 (My voice is bass-baritone btw)
  6. Arachne


    You are free to interpret Arachne however you wish, but this is the "canon" stuff. I'm not going to do some "my word is the word of God" thing with her canon, this is mostly just what my brain spat out. Other interpretations of her character are totally fine so long as they follow the TOU)...
  7. GeneralNuisance

    Does anyone know where I can find Gekiyaku's English VB?

    I've been looking at her website for about half an hour trying to find it. Does anyone know where it went?
  8. Amzsie

    【UTAU ANNIVERSARY】That Rainy Day【Ami Taiyo VCCV English RELEASE】+ UST

    I've released Ami Taiyo's english bank!! I wasnt sure this day would every come, but here it is! Please check out the demo <3 If theres anything in the bank that needs editing, feel free to tell me! Thank you for reading! Direct Download...
  9. U V2 (vida)

    U V2 (vida)

    A bright bank and sister of UV1, my other previously released bank. She is as flexible as UV1, tho may have some oto errors here and there, haha PLANNED UPDATES: -Act 2 Arpasing, CVVC Japanese
  10. Empress

    【UTAUカバー】CHOKE - IDKHOW【ゲキヤク/Gekiyaku -English-】

    I made an English UTAU cover of a song from a band i like recently, so i might as well share it here. The song is Choke by I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, you might wanna check 'em out if you like an 80's alternative synth-rockish vibe! I used Gekiyaku -English- for this cover, as i love her...
  11. Reine


  12. Kitcat190

    【Al!ce VCCV】Cultured Meat by Blackbird (Samuel Wright)【Utau Original】

    lol im still dead Orange you glad it's released BPM 160 Art by: @wonderland-7 UTAU tunning by:@wonderland-7 Download:…ed-meat Lyrics Verse: awakened again As the sun burns my skin and I Can’t remember what it once felt to be alive Oooh oooh You...
  13. Samara


    (Ref sheet from 2018) Samara is a Satori that appears in a cursed video. The twist with her is that the video she's in doesn't kill you seven days after viewing it; in fact, she doesn't kill at all. Rather, she shows scary clips until she gets bored or hungry, and asks the person watching for...
  14. YumeChan

    CV to VCCV plugin or how to make an english VCCV?

    Hello everyone! Back here with another question. So, I'll make this as short as I can. I haven't worked too much with english VBs yet and find the USTing process for english VCCV a lot harder than for japanese VCV. I can make it in CV, but I'd really like it to be smooth, so I rather would use...
  15. Shelly Salone

    Shelly Salone

    Shelly lives in and travels through reflections in glass and puddles. She uses her dress to camouflage herself against the sky and her dress can change according to her mood or the weather. She's generally lively and impulsive, but very shy and will try to hide if someone notices her.
  16. AnimeaSPrin

    Looking for english VCCV UST to be made!

    Hi hi! I've been looking for somebody to make a VCCV UST for Kaleidoscope Haze but I haven't found anybody. I do, in fact, have the instrumental for this! If interested in making the full UST, message me! I can give you the instrumental and link to the original song. I also have a VSQ you...
  17. SockHunter

    VCCV English _CV's??

    What are the _CV sounds used for in English VCCV? I've never used them in an UST, and I don't really know what situation they're supposed to be used in. I was just wondering if anyone knows. In my humble opinion there's a lot of redundancy in CZ's reclist... I'm thinking about making a more...
  18. Mougeki Mero

    [UTAU Cover] Outta This World (ft. Yurika Sayu English)

  19. SockHunter

    [Shelly Salone VCCV] Witness [UTAU cover//beta VB demo]

    This is my new VCCV English utauloid! She's not quite ready for release because I still have to oto a few things (the CC- on her lower pitch are pretty much trash right now). She's a dual pitch voicebank (A3 and G4), but her pitches are pretty different, so I may add a transition pitch later.
  20. dionn1993

    WIP My wip utau demo

    This is just testing out my latest wip English Utau bank. Currently, I only have 1081 vocal options to use. With, 467 strung samples. I'm currently updating him to have more cvc and vc samples . So far this is how his english sounds. Singing the Pokemon XY Kiseki theme- (sorry I mixed it with...