1. Rei Nintone ODYSSEY

    Rei Nintone ODYSSEY

    CHARACTER INFORMATION: Personality: Rei is an android with a passion for anything and everything Nintendo. Her love for games are as prominent as the buttons on her dress! Complimented with her rather easygoing and bright personality, she sings in hopes that someone will come to enjoy video...
  2. D

    Open Looking for an English voicebank for cover

    I am trying to make an English version of a recently released song. I already have the .ust and lyrics made, but none of the English vocals I currently own are getting me a sound from it that I particularly enjoy. So, I'm looking for suggestions. It doesn't have to be your own UTAU ( though it...
  3. Rei-Chan

    Dynamite ft. Reicheru Nintone ODYSSEY [UTAU DEMO]

    Hey everyone! Thanks so much for coming to my first ever premier! I am super excited to show off Reicheru's first ever English voicebank! Recording was absulutly horrible, but the fact that I actually finished has certainly made this voicebank something special, and I hope to share it with...

    Any good strong/screaming English voicebanks out there?

    I've seen some stronger voicebanks but I'm really trying to find a shouting/screamo-style UTAU that I can work with, cv/cvvc/vccv/anything will do. English preferred, again.
  5. Amzsie

    【UTAU ANNIVERSARY】That Rainy Day【Ami Taiyo VCCV English RELEASE】+ UST

    I've released Ami Taiyo's english bank!! I wasnt sure this day would every come, but here it is! Please check out the demo <3 If theres anything in the bank that needs editing, feel free to tell me! Thank you for reading! Direct Download...
  6. U V2 (vida)

    U V2 (vida)

    A bright bank and sister of UV1, my other previously released bank. She is as flexible as UV1, tho may have some oto errors here and there, haha PLANNED UPDATES: -Act 2 Arpasing, CVVC Japanese
  7. U V1 (uriah)

    U V1 (uriah)

    A kinda monotone masculine voice, with some recording errors. My first utau voicebank, recorded back in march at like midnight so the samples sound dead inside, kehehe UV1 is pretty flexible in terms of story and personality, like the vocaloids he doesn't have a set backstory or anything. It's...
  8. Empress

    【UTAUカバー】CHOKE - IDKHOW【ゲキヤク/Gekiyaku -English-】

    I made an English UTAU cover of a song from a band i like recently, so i might as well share it here. The song is Choke by I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, you might wanna check 'em out if you like an 80's alternative synth-rockish vibe! I used Gekiyaku -English- for this cover, as i love her...
  9. Uncommon-Aura

    Open Cheap OTO/Art/Mixing Commissions! Versed In Many VB Types

    EDIT: These are no longer emergency commissions, so this post has been updated as such! I'm now doing these commissions just to help people out and earn some extra hobby money. A few voicebank/reclist types have been removed, due to how complex and time-consuming they are to configure. There are...
  10. Samara


    (Ref sheet from 2018) Samara is a Satori that appears in a cursed video. The twist with her is that the video she's in doesn't kill you seven days after viewing it; in fact, she doesn't kill at all. Rather, she shows scary clips until she gets bored or hungry, and asks the person watching for...
  11. AnimeaSPrin

    Utau's needed! VCCV eng and CVVC spn. La Llorona!

    I'm doing a cover of La Llorona! So therefore, I need some banks. Here are the available parts! Please comment down what part(s) you want! With a link to ur VB and if you have any preferred rendering put that too. Gumi's parts ENG VCCV: Taken by CZLoid. Owned by: PaintedCz Link...
  12. Shelly Salone

    Shelly Salone

    Shelly lives in and travels through reflections in glass and puddles. She uses her dress to camouflage herself against the sky and her dress can change according to her mood or the weather. She's generally lively and impulsive, but very shy and will try to hide if someone notices her.
  13. AnimeaSPrin

    Looking for english VCCV UST to be made!

    Hi hi! I've been looking for somebody to make a VCCV UST for Kaleidoscope Haze but I haven't found anybody. I do, in fact, have the instrumental for this! If interested in making the full UST, message me! I can give you the instrumental and link to the original song. I also have a VSQ you...
  14. Yuganda Koe

    Yuganda Koe

    Yuganda Koe is a powerful American female singer. She's capable of singing in Japanese too, and has a NIAONiao voicebank (WIP). She comes with many appends suited for any genre song you want, including; a sweet append, a growl append, an umbra append, and a soft append. Her natural voice is...
  15. Akane Ikeda

    Akane Ikeda

    Hair colour: Blonde Eye colour: Blue Outfit: See concept art Nationality/Race: British Satyr Ikeda's optional outfit is a Labcoat+Safety Glasses combo!! Ikeda owns a black cat and a ginger/white cat. Ikeda is actually a qualified Microbiologist! Ikeda always carries cat treats around with her!
  16. dionn1993

    Zannon Koitsu Vcv And Vccv Act 2 Voicebanks Download

  17. Sync_Ye

    Tsuiseki! iede shoujo no Jittai (Spanish Ver)

  18. Kitcat190

    【UTAU English】 Circles【AL!CE.16 VCCV BETA】COVER REDO

    So, yeah. Made this, but never uploaded it. Ha Ust: Makkusan (2019 version) Original: Kira AL!CE.16 new VCCV coming soon, I think
  19. AoiHaruki

    I'm happy but nervous of being here kaks

    HELLO AWESOME GUYS I DIDN'T HAVE THE PLEASURE TO MEET YET~ I'm in the fandom since 2012, but I was kinda shy to introduce myself or to interact with other members and, at least, I'm finally here. Being here is a new stage of my life in the fandom, and I also hope to contribute and be part of...
  20. Viictor Miyakawa

    Viictor Miyakawa

    2 million years ago, Kuiper noted that the universe needed and a balance. Miracle Galaxy (奇迹 银河) created so many massive galaxies that instantly turned black holes, to give Miracle a rest, created Viictor to create planets and stars within existing galaxies. Thus came the Earth and the other...