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  1. mochima

    Voicebank MAZA

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  2. MAZA


    MAZA is a very quiet person and doesn't tend to openly talk about himself.
  3. J4ck0_L!nk0

    Tips for making a VCV voicebank?

    Hi, so I'm planning on making a VCV voicebank for one of my characters here soon, and I've made several revisions to his CV voicebank, but I was wondering if anyone had any tips for trying to make a VCV voicebank
  4. AgataBr22

    Voicebank Kokoro Agata

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  5. Kokoro Agata

    Kokoro Agata

    Type = UTAUloid22 Nekodroid Item = Strawberry Code = A-22 Birthday:27/06 Release year of original VB: 2011 Release year of this VB: 27/06/2018 Update: 27/06/2020 Origin = Brazil/Brasil Brothers= Kokoro Kuroshiro,NULU,Kokoro Shoota. Her apparent age is 17, but her real age is her age of existence...
  6. Bakaloid

    Voicebank Bafuwa Puroguramu

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  7. Bafuwa Puroguramu

    Bafuwa Puroguramu

    His mind and conscious was stuffed into a knock-off like Bonzi-Buddy program and was released in 2000
  8. UsoppFanGirl

    Need help with a vcv bank! Sounds repeating themselves

    so ive got my vb with all the recorded files, and im in the process of oto'ing it. right now, i oto'd "o ば" and when it plays, the sound comes out as "ba ba" and not just "ba." any help? i can send screenshots of what im doing if neccesary.
  9. Hiroki And Ai Ayane Vcv

    Hiroki And Ai Ayane Vcv

  10. chiisai

    Open Will draw / doodle for VCV oto (with base)

    I will draw in this style (link to art For your utau/oc/cover if you can help provide a VCV OTO for my one pitch utau. first come, first serve.
  11. Amimu

    VCV Vowel Choppiness?

    Hey, I'm working on making my first VCV voicebank (finally!) and so far she sounds like an ANGEL... except for those damn vowels. I mean the ones where it's like vowel on vowel, like a-i-a-o-u. I've heard other recordings where they do it with spaces in between like ah-eeh-ah, but those cuts...
  12. AnnYann

    I'm having problems with incorporating a voicebank into UTAU

    Hello again. So, yesterday I installed 3 Kohaku Merry voicebanks (retake Normal, retake Balloon and Acrobat). All three are multipitch voicebanks, and I am having a lot of trouble with them. I already tried putting them on the voice folder and then clicking project/project...
  13. CrystalPeach

    Can someone fix my oto?

    I'm making my VCV UTAU via OREMO and SetParam and it sounds fine so far, but the oto is completely wrong... I'm not sure how to fix it to make it sound properly, so can someone help fix it for me? I can send over the oto and voicebank so you can see what the problem is, so please let me know if...
  14. xshugarrx

    Advice for recording vocalfry samples for VCV

    I'm using a 6 mora reclist. I guess what I'm not sure about is if I go through and alter the reclist, or just only record vocal fry samples on the vowel strings, if I should be doing vocal fry on all the vowels in the string or only the beginning. Or if I need to do double of all the samples...
  15. DeaLuminis

    Shione Lt will not say wo

    I'm new to using UTAU synth, and I am making my first real cover (I decided to make the UST on my own so I can learn stuff) I am using Shione Lt power V3.5, and she is VCV. When I typed in wo, the note still was the default sound, a. I tried a trick where I put wa to the smallest note possible...
  16. SameshiiA

    Please help!

    I recorded an 7-mora VCV UTAU voicebank in OREMO and then generated base oto.ini using moresampler because I don't know how to make vcv oto at all. So, the problem is that I need to fix oto, or something, but I don't know how to do it and I'm looking for someone to do this for me. Also sorry for...
  17. CrystalPeach

    How do I import a VCV voicebank?

    Hi! I'm not new to UTAU, but I don't know how to import a VCV voicebank into UTAU manually without using multiple folders for the same voicebank (C4, G#4, etc). I tried doing it via .UAR file, but it never works when I try to install it. Any help would be nice.
  18. soleil

    UTAU "popping"/"breaking" for certain notes

    Hi guys, Sorry if someone has already asked this but I looked everywhere and I couldn't find anything that has a similar issue as I do! I'm a first time UTAU user and I tried to make a VCV bank, but for some of my notes I'm experiencing a weird breaking/popping noise. I'm not sure if this is...
  19. Aux

    Open UTAU Voice Provider Needed!

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to provide a voice for an UTAU for me. The UTAU in question is nonbinary so I'm looking for more in the high tenor/alto range. I have someone working on the art and I can do the oto, all I need is the voice files for a VCV voice bank. Please let me know if you're...
  20. Orenju


    Orenju -Clear is out now! You can download the newest by clicking "download" Orenju -Clear has a soft version built in, in order to use it, simply add this "弱" symbol at the end of the note! It is made two pitches for this version so it's a plug and play! Examples: ENGLISH VCCV (DEMO)