vcv multipitch


    不破マリオALBEDO v.1.0

    Format: VCV Pitches: G3, C4, F4, B4, 裏E5 Comes with breaths and glottals Voicebank configuration done by iosion Mario's light voicebank. It sounds more androgynous in comparison to his previous voicebanks, as this was recorded with a natural voice with no voice acting in it.

    不破マリアPYRITE v.1.0

    Format: VCV Pitches: A3, D4, G4, 裏A4 Comes with breaths and glottals Voicebank configuration done by tseol Maria's light voicebank. It sounds more youthful in comparison to her previous voicebanks.
  3. Kaine Zaoto

    Kaine Zaoto

    Kaine Zaoto's Profile: Personality: Shy/Joyful Weight: 54kg Height: 1,63cm Relations: Tagane Tori(Brother Figure), Daigo(Friend), Maka-chanloid(Friend), Tagane Sora(Friend), Lilia(Friend), Kurokiba-kun(Bully/Friend), Kaine Ryuuta(Little Brother), Honne Kami(Friend), Zoe(Bully/Friend)...

    不破マリオMASTEMA v.1.25

    Format: VCV Pitches: Core - E3, A3, D4, F4, G#4 Power - 強F4, 強G#4 Soft - 弱E3, 弱A3, 弱D4 Comes with breaths, glottals, and vocal fry Mario's default voicebank. It is meant to be the ultimate replacement to his retired voicebanks, with a manually-configured oto, better recorded samples, and a...

    不破マリアIFRIT v.1.25

    → Format: VCV → Pitches: 10 ・ Core - G3, A#3, C#4, F4, A4 ・ Power - 強F4, 強A4 ・ Soft - 弱G3, 弱A#3, 弱C#4 → Encoding: Hiragana → Aliasing: Hiragana → Extras: Glottal stops, start and end breaths (inhale & exhale), vocal fry, normal rest ends → Tone: Energetic, youthful vocal →...
  6. Mei-Saime

    Azure Voice Studio Official Soundcloud + New Yuzuko VB Test

    I have opened an official Soundcloud for my UTAU group so you can check it out! On other news, I'm did a test of Yuzuko's upcoming voicebanks1 The first set being "Core" and "CoreSoft". Details about CoreSoft: This is her natural voice but being softer (not breathy like her sweet VB) than...
  7. Mei-Saime

    【みえこ】雪月花【公式デモソング#2】 Mieko 2nd Demo and Yuzuko's VCVC bank beta test. (she speaks the little blurb in the beginning where Yukari's VOCIEROID is at).
  8. Mei-Saime

    [星音ゆずこVCV -Colorful-] Heart Beats [UTAU demo]

    Yuzuko VCV demo~
  9. Mei-Saime

    Yuzuko -Colorful-

    I am redoing both Miyu and Yuzuko's VB, the first being Yuzuko as she gets Appends~ Also, Yuzuko's CV bank has updated as well~!
  10. Selna


    Backstory coming soon! Art by Halo
  11. PokerFaceLady05

    Point Keruno

  12. Shou Hirata

    Shou Hirata

    Surname&Name ◆ Hirata Shou Gender ◆ Male (FTM Trans) Blood Type ◆ O Birthdate ◆ Feb 25th, 2001 Release ◆ March 13th, 2017 Height ◆ 166cm Species ◆ Human (Possessed by a tabby cat ghost) Personality ◆ straightforward, energetic Likes ◆ Cats, nail polish, volleyball, kebab, coffee Dislikes ◆ Loud...