vocaloid original

  1. CyberneticCupcake

    Original [VOCALOID Original] Neverending Rain/Reign [ft. Big Al]

    This is a little old, but this was my first big VOCALOID project ever for the Big FestivAl run by celestrai. I learned a lot from various producers (and general experimentation), and I'm proud enough of it to have it in my music portfolio. I don't know how well using a slightly obscure Engloid...
  2. aniforce

    【VOCALOID Original】声を響かせ / Koe wo Hibikase【ft. Hatsune Miku】

    Happy Birthday Miku!


    New song! First time using Gumi too, so any feedback on using her (and on any elements of this song!) are really appreciated. Thank you!

    Original Urgh (Levirne feat. MAIKA)

    New song! Hope you guys enjoy, any feedback is really appreciated.

    Original It Shouldn't Show (Levirne feat. MAIKA)

    play that funky music kiwi boy
  6. CometStre

    Original 【Vocaloid Original】Departure【Avanna】

    Avy can attest to the fact that I literally made this song in like... a full day? I was so excited once I found a good vst for acoustic music that I threw this all together pretty quickly. A huge thanks to Avy for rendering Avanna for me! <3
  7. Avalia-Kasa

    Original 【VOCALOIDオリジナル】a forest for you.【GUMI・AVANNA】

    and now, everything awakens -- a forest for you; a song for me. i want to meet you a forest for you; a song for me. I've had this song sitting around for far too long and I'm really happy to finally post it!! Please enjoy ;o;
  8. Sushi Nightcrawler

    Original WIP Help with composing an original song

    I just need help with the background music and notes for the vocals. I already have the lyrics written, I just need help with the notes. After I have the notes and instrumental, I can do the tuning myself. I plan on posting the song on YouTube, and you will be appropriately accredited. The song...
  9. Avalia-Kasa

    Inactive Art Lyrics Mixing Music Other avalia's Commissions

    Hi! I'm opening commissions again. This will be a copy/paste of my google info sheet for the most part, so bear with me. avalia’s Commission Info Last updated 11/3/2018 Open for Art & Music Commissions avalia@musician.org Twitter: @AvaliaKasa Tumblr: avaliakasa Hi there! I used to take...
  10. slashhearts

    【UTAUカバー】Strobe Light (Acoustic Arrange)【黒音シン】

    "and onwards we walk..." boy, does this song takes me back. i was planning on using the original instrumental, but i found Music Dude Joel's acoustic cover and i thought it sounded so nice and warm that i went with his version instead. it was my first time mixing vocals with a stripped-down...
  11. ChiaAkiyama

    【V4X】Chia-P - Wasting Away ft. 鏡音リン

    An original Vocaloid song by Chia-P! The beautiful message of a golden-haired girl, confessing to a particular golden-haired boy. Of course, sunshine, their hearts and their hair are all depicted as "golden". Get lyrics and free MP3s via http://mp3-ads.chia-p.com VocaDB...
  12. Kuku Klock

    Give it an honest opinion please

    So, I know I know absolutely no music theory whatsoever nor do i completely comprehend it, but I love fudging around on FL and AA and I'm in the process of making a series about phobias. I want to make the songs have an unsettling feeling, but make it make sense musically. (does that even make...
  13. fiver

    【Macne Nana】Message to You【VOCALOID ORIGINAL】

    this was indescribably fun to make. also f u blake #stylinrhymes In all seriousness I got to listen to heaps of 80s songs while making this as references, and it was AWESOME! I love 80s music so damn much. Nana's h phoneme is God, and her low notes are mint.
  14. melobuniiP

    Bunnies World Domination Ft Hatsune Miku V4x ENG +VSQx

    I have released a new song yesterday!! I finally wrote something about bunnies, aah!! I am proud of this piece, and I finally made a song whew! Blew my brains doing this! Please give feedbacks! I hope you like it! Music&Lyrics: Melobunii-P Mixing: Jeremy/Caustic/Gamma VSQx...
  15. Chasing Constellations

    [Vocaloid Original Song] Margin's Maze [Chasing Constellations ft. GUMI English]

    Here is our second original song, Margin's Maze! Enjoy! Constructive Criticism would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Chasing Constellations

    [Vocaloid Original Song] Silent Snow [Chasing Constellations ft. Daina]

    Here is our second original, Silent Snow! Enjoy :) Constructive Criticism would be greatly appreciated!
  17. Chasing Constellations

    [Vocaloid Original Song] monophobia [Chasing Constellations ft. Kagamine Rin English]

    Here is our very first original, monophobia! Hope you enjoy!
  18. N.Zo

    [VOCALOID Original] Broken Screens [Ft. DEX]

    I've been working on a song for about two and a half days now, and since it's about heartbreak and betrayal, what better day could I have posted this!:shades: I had the wonderful @AkiGlancy allow me to use her art. This is my second original song, so I hope you all enjoy!:creepy: Lyrics: I...
  19. IrisFlower

    【Vocaloid Original】Merry Christmas from IrisFlower【Megurine Luka V4X】

    Merry Christmas!!! Posting this a bit late to UF cause busy today for obvious reasons...so this is probably late for some people. But, well, I wrote this song for my friends honestly. I can't send them individual gifts for various reasons and drawing is always so obvious ;; So I decided I'd...
  20. M

    【VOCALOID Original】A Beautiful Glistening Wasteland【AVANNA】

    Merry Christmas!! I actually made this song last year but didn't get around to uploading it in time. So I took some time, made some improvements and changes, and now it's going up this year haha. Last year was the first year I spent Christmas away from my family for most of the season, so I...