voice needed

  1. GGTC

    voicebank gahata meiji

    please give a working link to the voice of gahata meiji. official link not working http://gahatameiji.web.fc2.com/gahatameiji.html
  2. AnimeaSPrin

    Open Looking for a female utau voicer!

    Ok, so the title says it all. I'm looking for a female voice provider who can POSSIBLY do a tripitch/multipitch VCV Japanese? Due date: None, but I'd like it done when you can get it done! Specific requests: Can they have maybe three pitches? Whatever you can do! Obviously wanting a more...
  3. S

    1 female and 4 male voicers willing to do korean CVVC needed!

    I'm currently looking for some voicers willing to do Korean CVVC! If you want to voice one of these characters comment below where you want me to contact you and how many pitches you are willing to record :) List of female characters: Rosa, real name Cheong Eunji, 23 List of male characters...
  4. AnimeaSPrin

    I need a male voice provider! And oto'er.

    Looking for a male voice provider to voice my boy Sai Fokushima! He's a twin to Shin Fokushima! I'm looking for him to have a CV JPN bank and a CV ENG bank! I'm wanting a more clear voice that's maybe semi deep and has a decent range, plus teenageish. Hoping for something on the more powerful...
  5. AnimeaSPrin

    Male voice provider needed! A cv and maybe an english bank.

    The title says all. I'm in need of a male voice provider to record a CV Japanese bank! I'm specifically wanting somebody who can do more of a len like voice but more deep! But ANYTHING works as I can mess with flags, lol. I can maybe pay through art, mixing, and covers for this to be done...
  6. IchiroHarukiOFFICIAL

    Open Female Voice Wanted For Sister Of Ichiro Haruki!

    So i've actually been searching for a female voice for a while but couldn't find anyone. so i decided why not ask here? Required: Must be VCV Must sound sweet yet powerful The character you'll be voicing doesn't have an official design yet but i'll be working on it. PS: She'll be half fox half...

    Open VP Needed! Childish voice.

    Heya! Thought I might as well post this here too. This is a reprint of my DeviantArt post. [Original Post] ------------------------ Hey yo what's up my babies, hehe. Your boy here is looking for a voice provider for a new UTAU I'll be making. This is a relatively big project, so it might be...
  8. HiddenVenia

    Open Seeking Voice Provider

    Looking for someone with a young, cute and maybe even "sharp" sounding female voice to voice a JP VCV and English VCCV. Must have decent mic and decent pronunciation. Please don't contact me with message like "I've voice 15 different female UTAU, so I can do yours too"