voice provider needed

  1. chiisai

    Open looking for a female / femmine voice provider

    looking for a femmine voice provider to help voice a vcv kire voice bank and a arpasing voicebank, for your help i will offer to draw, make a cover, or mix for you.
  2. Lizzy

    Open Need a Voice Provider for Natsu Himari

    Hello! I’m here to see if anyone is willing to help voice my UTAU Himari. Here’s what she looks like: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o1YGJ1xzaNXOw9mugEbPmsdjieY_dqIy/view?usp=drivesdk She’s a 19 year old angel who’s a pro at making unique clothing and also has some psychic powers too...
  3. VaporwaveToons2002

    Open TRIOloids 3's siblings Voice Providers!

    hello again, people! it's vaporwavetoons2002, and i just woke up from a nap (i wasn't feeling to well) and i decided to make a post we are looking for some voicers to voice the TRIOloids 3's siblings. some voicers can be male, female, trans, non-binary....etc also, you can voice two or three...
  4. Lizzy

    Closed Female voice provider needed

    EDIT: I have found a voice provider now so no need to respond to this post anymore. Hi sorry for asking for voice providers a lot I just have a lot of UTAUs... like: 10 counting this one I’m about to show you. Anyways. This UTAU was originally gonna be my 2nd UTAU back in 2018 when I only had...
  5. Lizzy

    Open I Need a male voice provider

    Hi lol I hope I can find a voice provider for my newest UTAU Finn. He's angel themed and looks kinda feminine I don't want him to have a super deep voice I'd like his voice to be deep but leaning a bit towards the high pitch side. Here's what he looks like...
  6. Kenochka

    Looking for two voice providers!

    Hello! I'm looking for two voice providers. I'm working on my own voicebank now, it will be an androgynous voicebank but unfortunately I struggle to change my voice consistently for separate banks. I need both a masculine and feminine voice for a project I'm working on, I'm really not fussed...
  7. HanatheNeko

    Open Hiring Voicers for SAKURA Labs!

    Hey! I'm HanatheNeko! As the Title Says, I Need Voicers! Some will be Male, Others will Be Female, and some are Non-Binary. Here are the Voicebanks I need Voicers For: CUSL Family (The Human Parts of the Family) Hitomi Sakuyoka - British Man Voice. Crystal - Feminine Male Voice DM me if you're...
  8. AnimeaSPrin

    Open Looking for a female utau voicer!

    Ok, so the title says it all. I'm looking for a female voice provider who can POSSIBLY do a tripitch/multipitch VCV Japanese? Due date: None, but I'd like it done when you can get it done! Specific requests: Can they have maybe three pitches? Whatever you can do! Obviously wanting a more...
  9. S

    1 female and 4 male voicers willing to do korean CVVC needed!

    I'm currently looking for some voicers willing to do Korean CVVC! If you want to voice one of these characters comment below where you want me to contact you and how many pitches you are willing to record :) List of female characters: Rosa, real name Cheong Eunji, 23 List of male characters...
  10. AnimeaSPrin

    I need a male voice provider! And oto'er.

    Looking for a male voice provider to voice my boy Sai Fokushima! He's a twin to Shin Fokushima! I'm looking for him to have a CV JPN bank and a CV ENG bank! I'm wanting a more clear voice that's maybe semi deep and has a decent range, plus teenageish. Hoping for something on the more powerful...
  11. AnimeaSPrin

    Male voice provider needed! A cv and maybe an english bank.

    The title says all. I'm in need of a male voice provider to record a CV Japanese bank! I'm specifically wanting somebody who can do more of a len like voice but more deep! But ANYTHING works as I can mess with flags, lol. I can maybe pay through art, mixing, and covers for this to be done...
  12. IchiroHarukiOFFICIAL

    Open Female Voice Wanted For Sister Of Ichiro Haruki!

    So i've actually been searching for a female voice for a while but couldn't find anyone. so i decided why not ask here? Required: Must be VCV Must sound sweet yet powerful The character you'll be voicing doesn't have an official design yet but i'll be working on it. PS: She'll be half fox half...
  13. kaimiz

    Open PayPal Points Looking for a Male Voice! (Name Your Price $£€¥)

    I'm back! I'm looking for a male voice to fit this my friend's character, I'm looking for a voice similar to Mitsuki (minor Boruto spoilers), Or similar to Eve Even if your voice does not sound exactly like their's that's okay! I am still interested in hearing what you have to offer...
  14. KaguyaRikka

    Open Male Voice provider needed

    Hey there I'm Lunarik and i'm looking for a male voice provider. Requires: can record Japanese and Chinese CV voicebank. There might be CVVC later... *You don't need to oto them. UTAU name: Kaguya Kouki(辉夜 光纪)which is the yonger (twin) brother of Kaguya Rikka(辉夜 黎华) about 16 yrs old and his...
  15. SayuriYoshinaga34

    Looking for Voice provider

    Hello there! I am looking for a voice provider for my Fanloid "Opal Salloom". because, I am planning on making her into a Utau. Yet, I am unsure on how to do her voice or anything about Utau yet. So, I was wondering if I could possibly have a Utau voice provider for her. Opal Salloom: I am...
  16. SoapyCoyote

    will make MMD model(or models) for deep male voice

    ok to start out this is my first time posting something like this to well anywhere. Currently i am working on creating an adult version of my main UTAU Oliver McCoy ( https://sta.sh/219d1ozto7qo?edit=1 ) as it stands oliver has had the same VB (voicer) for a while and unfortunately they have...
  17. HiddenVenia

    Open Other Project AXE: Seeking 2 female voices! WILL PAY $

    I'm seeking 2 female voices for my project and I will pay you in return (payment amount can be negotiated). If you are interested just DM me and we can talk I am looking for: Solid female voice type "soft-ish" female type voice (I am open for all voice types though! Even if you don't fit the...
  18. MOROS

    Open Art in exchange for Voice for Moropoid

    Hello! So, unfortunately, I cannot voice this bank, but I am more than happy to make art in exchange for a voicer for this bank! His vocal is a sharp, young male vocal, much like Shiki Nanine. A good microphone like a CAD-U37, a yeti, or better is preferred. If you are interested, please don't...
  19. InochiPM

    The Mackne Family needs Voice Providers!

    Hello there! its been quite a long time since I posted on here about anything, and this time its about needing help. Yes were looking for female voice providers to voice 5 of our UTAU. These five lovely ladies need some voices because we are short handed with irl friends who can voice these...
  20. OdysseyYuki

    Open I need a Voice Provider!

    Hello, i'm Odyssey and i need some help. I need a female (or male if you have a high vocal range) to provide a voice for a new utau that i'm creating. I need the voice sound a little similar like this: (0:29 if you want to know) Thnx!