voice provider

  1. Seadust

    Closed Looking for a voice provider for an UTAU (feminine range) !!

    Hey! I know I have been posting a lot of voice provider things ( ENi , my robot utau is completely experimental! So they're will be a delay for their debut)! Here's a small desc. of this Utau ! Her name is Riya ! But she was nicknamed Pluto! (these may change in the future)! To give a quick...
  2. Cyberbison

    A quick hello! (+Newcomer VB demo!)

    Hello, y'all!!! It's Cyberbison, 23 yr old dude from Finland! I've been.... almost in the scene for ten years and finally decided to create my own VB not sure why I haven't done it before, haha! Finnish is my first language, learning Japanese (pronouncing is very similar to Finnish!), my...
  3. Aux

    Open UTAU Voice Provider Needed!

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to provide a voice for an UTAU for me. The UTAU in question is nonbinary so I'm looking for more in the high tenor/alto range. I have someone working on the art and I can do the oto, all I need is the voice files for a VCV voice bank. Please let me know if you're...
  4. AnimeaSPrin

    Open Looking for a female utau voicer!

    Ok, so the title says it all. I'm looking for a female voice provider who can POSSIBLY do a tripitch/multipitch VCV Japanese? Due date: None, but I'd like it done when you can get it done! Specific requests: Can they have maybe three pitches? Whatever you can do! Obviously wanting a more...
  5. S

    1 female and 4 male voicers willing to do korean CVVC needed!

    I'm currently looking for some voicers willing to do Korean CVVC! If you want to voice one of these characters comment below where you want me to contact you and how many pitches you are willing to record :) List of female characters: Rosa, real name Cheong Eunji, 23 List of male characters...
  6. Yume-Dreams

    Open Looking for voicers (and possibly oto help)

    So I'm using art from lily story Because I don't want to reveal official art yet, and only one of them has official art as of right now. If there is anything you'd like in return please tell me! So I have four utaus in total, Only one of them has a designated voice provider. I was hoping to be...
  7. AnimeaSPrin

    I need a male voice provider! And oto'er.

    Looking for a male voice provider to voice my boy Sai Fokushima! He's a twin to Shin Fokushima! I'm looking for him to have a CV JPN bank and a CV ENG bank! I'm wanting a more clear voice that's maybe semi deep and has a decent range, plus teenageish. Hoping for something on the more powerful...

    Open VP Needed! Childish voice.

    Heya! Thought I might as well post this here too. This is a reprint of my DeviantArt post. [Original Post] ------------------------ Hey yo what's up my babies, hehe. Your boy here is looking for a voice provider for a new UTAU I'll be making. This is a relatively big project, so it might be...
  9. VaporwaveToons2002

    Closed [VOICER WANTED] unnamed male/female utau for TRIOloid3

    alright, guys! i'm now into TRIOloid3! =) i finish working on orenji's voicebank, and i'm still working on oroka's voicebank. so i decided to look for a voicer that has a clear microphone with good quality! so here's my upcoming TRIOloid 3 UTAU so i'm just wondering if you could voice...
  10. kaimiz

    Open PayPal Points Looking for a Male Voice! (Name Your Price $£€¥)

    I'm back! I'm looking for a male voice to fit this my friend's character, I'm looking for a voice similar to Mitsuki (minor Boruto spoilers), Or similar to Eve Even if your voice does not sound exactly like their's that's okay! I am still interested in hearing what you have to offer...
  11. KaguyaRikka

    Open Male Voice provider needed

    Hey there I'm Lunarik and i'm looking for a male voice provider. Requires: can record Japanese and Chinese CV voicebank. There might be CVVC later... *You don't need to oto them. UTAU name: Kaguya Kouki(辉夜 光纪)which is the yonger (twin) brother of Kaguya Rikka(辉夜 黎华) about 16 yrs old and his...
  12. Worn-Out Shuu

    Other Can provide voice for a voicebank in exchange for oto

    Thank you for reading this post. I can voice a voicebank that needs a child-like male voice. Samples of my voicebank are on my SoundCloud under my username. I can provide a voice in exchange for an oto of my voicebank. Hope I can help with any voice providing projects.
  13. SayuriYoshinaga34

    Looking for Voice provider

    Hello there! I am looking for a voice provider for my Fanloid "Opal Salloom". because, I am planning on making her into a Utau. Yet, I am unsure on how to do her voice or anything about Utau yet. So, I was wondering if I could possibly have a Utau voice provider for her. Opal Salloom: I am...
  14. Kyomiii

    Searching an utau voice provider!!

    I'm trying to help my friend NaotoP to found a voice provider to his UTAU Daphne The voicebank will be a Japanese VCV Requeriments You need a moderately decent microfone Free time If you are interested plz send me a message or to NaotoP Thanks for read!! :wink:
  15. itporl

    Inactive PayPal Other FEMALE VOICE PROVIDER NEEDED!! (VCV multipitch)

    hello! i really need help . im looking for a voice provider for my utau im looking for a pretty and cool toned voice but still sound young i can pay trough paypal (us dollar) if you're interested please message me with some examples of your voice (utau or cover) anything thank you!
  16. idol

    LF: Female VCV voice provider

    Looking for any of these: -Soft voice -gentle voice -sweet voice -breathy/whispery I'd like either voice clips showing your voice, or an utau you've recorded! I'm also looking for oto-ers because I Suck(tm) She probably wont have appends so you wouldn't need to worry about that unless you...
  17. idol

    LF: 2 Voice providers and OTOers (info below)

    Okay! Looking for two voice types: -Feminine, cutesy but still deepish -A young boy type, with power in the voice I have designs and everything down- they're being drawn right now! I'd like either voice clips showing your voice, or an utau you've recorded! I'm also looking for oto-ers...
  18. Sors

    Voicebank Ideas!

    So, in October, I created my two UTAUs Sora and Lucy. I use the term "Akuloid" when describing to what UTAU group they belong. At first I used Akuloid because my Name SweetDevilSora is AmaiAkumaSora in Japanese, and well, I thought "I'm more of a Devil...but Devilloid sounds weird..." So i went...
  19. MiyiibotTsugaa

    Utau Voice Provider Needed

    I need a deep-sounding voice with a low vocal range. And a good effort. The minimum I need you to hold is 4-5 seconds, and after 2 of those seconds I need a vibrato. I hope I'm not being to picky about it. Form: Username: Scratch Account(only if you have one): Is your voice deep? (if not you...
  20. Junjou Ko

    voice provider for Helanna

    So I recently changed up all my UTAUloid characters to be more funny than creepy. So with this in mind, I decided I needed a "poster child" voicebank. Her name is Helanna and she's a 9-year-old girl with an addiction to drinking the fluids from Magic 8 fortune-telling toys. Her vocal is supposed...