voice providers

  1. cuppedsunshine

    Open Looking for VCV voicers or voicebanks of any quality!

    This is a bit of an odd request, but I am specifically looking for voicers to voice some VCV voicebanks for a game I am developing! I want to go for an eerie, uncanny valley feel, so I want to use UTAU as a sort of "talkloid" to emulate human speech. Because of this, the quality or realism of...
  2. AnimeaSPrin

    I need a male voice provider! And oto'er.

    Looking for a male voice provider to voice my boy Sai Fokushima! He's a twin to Shin Fokushima! I'm looking for him to have a CV JPN bank and a CV ENG bank! I'm wanting a more clear voice that's maybe semi deep and has a decent range, plus teenageish. Hoping for something on the more powerful...
  3. ReticentResolve

    Open Recruiting people for an utau group

    So these're vaguely based off of o.cs I made a LONG time ago. Basically, they're each representing a planet, and they weren't originally supposed to be made into utaus, but I kind of wanted to redesign them. To get to the point, I'm trying to find people who would be cool with voicing a member...
  4. SayuriYoshinaga34

    Looking for Voice provider

    Hello there! I am looking for a voice provider for my Fanloid "Opal Salloom". because, I am planning on making her into a Utau. Yet, I am unsure on how to do her voice or anything about Utau yet. So, I was wondering if I could possibly have a Utau voice provider for her. Opal Salloom: I am...
  5. Aux

    Open Searching for and UTAU Voice Provider!

    I'm looking for a tenor voice provider for my UTAU. The Voice Bank would be a VCV Japanese bank and possibly a future English bank. Please contact me if you're interested!
  6. A

    Japanese voice providers

    Is there anyone who's Japanese and voiced a UTAU? If not, could someone suggest where could I contact a Japanese voice provider?
  7. Junjou Ko

    voice provider for Helanna

    So I recently changed up all my UTAUloid characters to be more funny than creepy. So with this in mind, I decided I needed a "poster child" voicebank. Her name is Helanna and she's a 9-year-old girl with an addiction to drinking the fluids from Magic 8 fortune-telling toys. Her vocal is supposed...
  8. whiteglove

    Looking for Voicers

    My voice is too...recognizable to voice any more utau, and I would like a voice for these UTAU: Ritski Nukoni [IMAGE & PERSONALITY]: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/ebflover777/ritski-nukoni-updated Jenju Nukoni (IMAGE: Basically the genderbend of Ritski) Personality: Protective of Ritski...
  9. FangirlPhantomhive

    Feminine Voice Providers for VCV Needed!

    I need a vcv for my UTAU, Hideyoto Hanabira. Info for him is provided here right now. Both in hiragana and romanji please? It'd be a big help. ^^ I will make a picture for you if you want. Though I only use MMD for pictures-
  10. Junjou Ko

    Baraloid Voicer Needed

    So I have this concept of a "bara" UTAUloid that I would voice myself. However, my voice is very feminine for a male, therefore I cannot voice such a bank. So I have decided to reach out and see if anyone can help me voice him. Here is his design. Any and all details about his...
  11. Rayven-Merleloid

    ANY GENDER Voice provider needed! (OPEN)

    Us in Merleloid have been talk about having our own UTAU for Music Originals since Vocaloid is difficult to tune. we need a voice that is not to deep and not to high. we want a female voice but it can be male as well. the banks Merle would have to have is (all will have 3 pitches VCV) Normal (a...
  12. ☆彡иα∂ιѕ☆彡

    Would anybody be willing to do a Spanish Cover of Drop Pop Cand with me? c:

    I've been looking for somebody to do a cover with for a while tbh.. and I finally decided what I wanted to do :D I decided I'd do a Spanish Cover of Drop Pop candy cx I'll be using these lyrics: Singer Audition Form: Name or Username: Language: Gender: Voice sample or video: You don't have...
  13. keiran h

    [Multilingual] My Favorite Vocaloid Song Medley I【UtauForum UTAU Users】[OPEN]

    Hehe soooooo... Hello, I'm going to be doing a Multilingual UTAU users Medley, since so many people of different nationality and languages are UTAU users. If you wish to sing in the original Japanese you may also have your UTAU sing with you, only as back-ups or harmonies. If you can, you may...