1. nirow

    Delta CVVC English/Teto's English voicebank *reclist*?

    Hey there, i hope this is the right place for this post ~ So.. i was thinking about making a voicebank using the same reclist that was used for Teto's English vb. (I want to try Teto's English input helper plugin on my vb that's why) Does anyone know where to find it for download/is it available...
  2. UsoppFanGirl

    Need Help For a Jinriki VB

    Hi, I'm trying to create a Jinriki voice bank of a haracter from an anime I watch! I have his voice lines from some games he's in, I've oto'd his VB too, bit he sounds pretty bad. Like, a scratchy metallic echoey sound? Some notes don't even work half the time, like "su" only giving me a...
  3. Space Project

    Open PayPal Looking for UTAU voicers and voicebanks! Name your price!

    Hi! I'm looking for an UTAU voicebank of literally any type. Masculine, feminine, androgynous, strong, soft, high, low, already with an oto, without an oto, anything goes. Masculine voices are actually preferred as I have more feminine voices than masculine ones already, but I'm still willing to...
  4. MyuuSik

    Help needed!

    Hello everyone! I recently started working on a new Japanese CVVC Voicebank for my UTAU Yuuki Daiko. I finished recordings yesterday, using a newly bought BM800 Microphone*. I didn't rely on a Phantom Power though, which is mentioned in the instructions manual and my friends taught me about...
  5. MuSHiE

    【UTAUカバー 】Jigsaw puzzle 【Orenju -CLEAR】

    I am starting to like this song a lot actually! at first I was a bit concerned that it wouldn't turn out well, but it grew on me a while, and now I really like it!!
  6. 2koeoe02

    UTAU not singing

    I'm not new to UTAU by any means (been using it since 2015-16 and made a lot of friends on here but my brother went on my account and got me IP banned lol, but I stopped using it about a year ago) but I cant remember how to fix this problem lmao I decided to make a CV vb to get back into making...
  7. KokoUTAU

    New to Utaforms~

    Hello guys .u. My youtube is Koko Melody My UTAU is Koko~ light airy voice. CV CVC AAAANNND CVC MULTIPITCH (KOKO [ENLIGHTEN] WILL BE COMING OUT SOON <3 currently in the process of being Oto'd! Can't wait! she'll have her very first original. please follow my youtube to keep tabs! in...
  8. FluffyMawileFan

    Voicebank Settings Help!

    So, I'm currently working with Matsudappoine. However, I've run into a bit of a problem: she can't sing after a certain point (B3)! I decided to take a look in her files to see what was up. According to these files, her range can actually go to G3. But she wouldn't sing that low. I heard...
  9. Haiiro Kaminari

    Haiiro Kaminari

    ------ Character item: Yellow scythe Appearance: wears a moving-ear pull-down grey wolf hat almost everywhere (unless she feels the need to take it off). has long, straight, waist-length dark grey hair, and wears a purple sweater with ebony stripes, along with dark blue ripped jeans. wears a...
  10. D

    Open Looking for an English voicebank for cover

    I am trying to make an English version of a recently released song. I already have the .ust and lyrics made, but none of the English vocals I currently own are getting me a sound from it that I particularly enjoy. So, I'm looking for suggestions. It doesn't have to be your own UTAU ( though it...
  11. Marcos Cejas

    Private UTAU

    Hey, I have a question ... Can information about a utau be published if it is private? Even if they had some demos? ...
  12. Kaito Ilio

    Kaito Ilio

    Name: Kaito Ilio/海友イリオ Name meaning: Kaito means "friend of sea" in Japanese, ilio means a dog in Hawaiian Sex: "I don't have sex, we just mitosis once in 120 years" Age: "I gave up counting" Catch praise: “Music doesn't have boudaries!" Other: He's same (really mysterical) species that...
  13. ku.ro

    Any good strong/screaming English voicebanks out there?

    I've seen some stronger voicebanks but I'm really trying to find a shouting/screamo-style UTAU that I can work with, cv/cvvc/vccv/anything will do. English preferred, again.
  14. Lyuivv

    Pitches without extra suffixes; do I have to manually add them in?

    Okay, I'm trying to add a second E4 pitch folder (part of a whisper append that I'm trying to add to the core voicebank) into a voicebank. The only problem is the E4 pitch that's currently in the voicebank doesn't have any special suffixes aliased in at the end, and neither does the append E4...
  15. amitai

    I can't find Nene Nene and I feel like I'm losing my mind.

    Hello, sorry if this forum post isn't very formal, I made my account solely for this reason -- when I go to Nene Nene's download page, the download button doesn't work and instead I get a "this website is not secure" error. When proceeding through the warning anyway, I just get the regular "this...
  16. k.kitty27

    Need help with an UTAU voicebank's breaths

    Whenever I insert Yuuma Sekiga into UTAU and try to use a ust that includes breaths, his breaths won't play. But when I insert just the folder of breaths into UTAU they do work. It's like the program doesn't recognize that his breaths are inside of his voicebank folder. Is there any way I can...
  17. Pixelody Chiptune

    My first UTAU voicebank (WIP)

    Hello there! After weeks of recording I'm finnaly ready to showcase my new UTAU: Jestau. Jestau is my first ever voicebank. I tried to make sure this Utau sounded as unique as possible and I think It's pretty good. Though, because I'm not an expert at UTAU, The voicebank may sound glitchy at...
  18. AnnYann

    How should I record end breaths in a VCV voicebank?

    Hi, everyone. I finally decided to start recording a VCV japanese voicebank. I am using this (https://sta.sh/025ksl2o0oub) reclist, but I don't know how I should record the end breaths (you know, the a_hh / e_hh / i_hh stuff). Thank you so much for reading, I would be really grateful for your help.
  19. Sydney

    Oremo crashes everytime I try to record a note!

    I recorded 45 notes the other day and when I went back on to re-record, it crashed every time I did it I change the input setting everytime to all the options I could MANY times. I even restarted my computer, any clue what I should do? I’m using Windows 10 and apple earbuds plugged in Here are...
  20. Sydney

    How do I add art to a voicebank?

    I’m still in the process of figuring out how to make a voicebank, I know you use Oremo to record and then you have to edit them and stuff, But I’m not sure how to add art, name, etc to the voicebank! If anyone could give me info on that that’d be great!