1. TheDumbWeeabooRaccoon

    Help with Pan Kanino?

    Hi, all! So, let's get things underway. I recently downloaded Pan Kanino's VCV voicebank. But no matter how hard I try (restarting UTAU and computer, using both hiragana and romaji), I can't get their voicebank to work! :bigtears: Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Raindropx

    【Sharpkey】Global Virtual Singers Support Project - SK Galaxy

    from boxstar's twitter https://twitter.com/boxstar_hx/status/918784555821289472
  3. Kiera Brand

    Can anyone do a VCV oto fix?

    There wont be many sounds to fix just I dont have time because i have LOADS of homework to do and I really like this voicebank i made i just need someone to fix her oto slightly :) It gone through moresampler if you wonder. Its quite well already so it still need a fix, PM me and comment please.
  4. 40kire

    Help dowloading Yokune Ruko voicebank ;-;

    I want to download Yokune Ruko ♂KIRE but the page does not load ;-; Does anyone know what to do? i think is my internet, but a lot of friends try and doesn't know what to do:( please help (sorry for my bad english u.u)
  5. Erwan

    Open Free OTO Looking for someone who can oto my VCV VB for free

    Hello ^^ I just finished to record my VCV 7 Mora, I tried to make the oto.ini but this is so hard for me to understand how to do this, I don't think someone will accept to oto my VCV 7 mora but i try Have a nice day ^^
  6. AkiCinnaBun

    Raspy Voicebank?

    I've made a couple voicebank attempts with my first UTAU and I'm having problems with the way her voice sounds when she sings. It sounds fine in the recordings, but when she's singing it sounds completely different and very raspy sounding. In general it's just unpleasant to listen to. Is this an...
  7. mateidobrescu

    Romanian voicebank in the works

    https://clyp.it/h3hc04hl I found some time and I was able to continue working on the Romanian VB I started working a loooong time ago. I am still working on it but I think it comes along quite nice. I used "Tell Your World" and I randomly translated the first verse and the chorus. I did this...
  8. Luc

    Help--Can't Record Female Bank

    So to start out-- I sing with a low-ish voice. I am an Alto. I have only ever recorded male voicebanks. I'm trying to record a relatively strong female voicebank (at least just a normal strength) but my falsetto is too airy for what I want. I don't want to commission someone else's voice...
  9. xAinexv

    How to add working basic oto.ini?

    I recorded a Spanish VCV voicebank and there was a basic oto.ini. But when I added it to my folder with samples, it didn't want work in programme.
  10. Hisashi Kou

    Hisashi Kou

  11. idol

    Do you have an unused UTAU bank?

    Heya! I've noticed a trend in people making utau voice banks but never using them / deciding they no longer want them but have the voice recorded If you have one of those i'd be happy to either A- help design a character for the utau and use it for you, while you retain rights B- Take it off...
  12. One Hikari

    One Hikari

    Hikari is a forest spirit that loves sing songs that get express a lot of emotions, have a free spirit is her principal characteristic, she can be to so curious. She have a friend called Hiki, he is a little a little fox that is always with her. Hiki has a human form that can control as he wish...
  13. K

    WCIF: A Strong English Voicebank?

    Heyya UtaForum!! I'm looking for a strong-sounding cvvc/english voicebank. By a "strong sounding" voicebank, I mean a voicebank that has similar clarity/power to Namine Ritsu's voicebank. I don't know if I'm making any sense, SO I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT.
  14. A

    Reording a Japanese instrument on UTAU

    I would like to record an UTAU... I mean, I'm not capable... but it can be mine (credit me-like) but done by someone else... and I thought... why not like an instrument UTAU? But... not a piano, a guitar... a koto! Or... I don't know... but maybe someone else tried in the Japanese community...
  15. Animé Fan

    Tips and Tricks on How to Record a Male UTAU Voicebank

    Some UTAU users might want to make a male UTAU voicebank, but are not sure how to do so. Well, look no further. This thread contains numerous tips and tricks on how to make a male voicebank. Here are some essential elements that one should consider when working on one: 1. Age There are three...
  16. PokerFaceLady05

    Point Keruno ParadoX Multipitch

    Aaaam, this forum ia rather new for me and I don`t know what and how I can do here xDDD First, maybe, I publish here my multipitch relese? :D
  17. Arissa

    Closed Other Utau Voicebank Needed

    Hey, y'all! Okay, so I don't know if I'll get anything, but I'm looking for something.... I want to make another Utau, but I already have three I'm going to voice(might end up being 4), so I was wondering if someone would like to help me out. We would have joint custody(that sounds weird...
  18. Akki_Desu D

    New Concept for Rumi VCV

    So guys, as most of you know I been trying to make a VCV for my Utau and failed like 6 times in a row. Today I figured that maybe I should try another type of tone, and I decide to try this time with a power tone. If that Voicebanks result good I will redesign Rumi's VCV look and will make a...
  19. FeatheredFinch

    【Tonyu Tasamuki】ME! ME! ME!【CLOUD Voicebank】Demo

    This is a demo of Tonyu's new four pitch CVVC Japanese Voicebank! It's meant to have softer high notes and stronger low notes with a realistic sound, if enough of you enjoy it I will finish and release it! thank you for watching. PS: he also he has a English voicebank in the works.
  20. Samiku


    ( Profile ) Name: Samiku age: 15 Hair:Brown Eyes:Baby blue clothes:green mix with pink,yellow and purple. personality: nicely and conscience Hobby: love to Enjoy outside with butterfly