101 Ways to Screw up UTAU


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Because we needed this.


  1. No copying/repeating of others' methods unless you put a unique spin in it.
  2. Only one method per post. This goes along with the site's no double-posting rule.
  3. Provide a screenshot and/or render of how much you screwed up UTAU

Importing horrendous midis



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#3 Once in a while Lyric Diphonizer will move all your aliases over one note. The first time it happened to me I didn't catch it until I had already saved.

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Add every single flag you know with lots of vibrato and mess with the omakase
(Ex. Y0H0B20F05C99H100b99x99g+34)

[doublepost=1467652786][/doublepost]oops, i just realized I copied someone... whatever. Just listen to my beautiful example


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Using tn_fnds with banks it is incompatible with
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#13 Setting the consonant velocity to 3923423984723423904234232342390948230482304820394823
(see what it does to utau, you need to restart utau if you do this, or any insane high number)
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